{April 21, 2014}   Because The Night ~ Daily Prompt

black moon3
because the night can hide a multitude of sins
or expose the brilliance of countless stars,
it keeps me doubtful of it’s loyalty,
i’m unsure of where i stand,
who i trust,
i’m fearful of the shadows and unable to determine
we switched the order of day and night,
living like vampires we fed off each other
and the whole world went away,
we barricaded the doors and locked the windows
until we nearly ran out of air,
i followed you then, straight into the sun,
the heat was welcome but i was blinded by the glare,
before i knew it i faded away,
every trace of me scattered across the vast wasteland
and like a waning moon,
you never even noticed i was gone,

Andy says:

Been listening to your music on ReverbNation. Good stuff 🙂

You’re such a patient sweetheart Andy, I’m embarrassed by the amount of time it takes me to get to my comments but thank you a million times over 🙂 Maybe one day I’ll get myself to upload the 3 other cd’s worth of music 😀

Andy says:

Look forward to them 🙂

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