{May 12, 2013}   Dear Past Me

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Dear Me,
For clarity’s sake, you are you and I am I. We are each other,I’m just a bit older.
Ok, I’m a lot older (not that much older so shut up) but age is just a number,as you’ll find out eventually.
Close your mouth you, remember, although you are you, I am also you so I know you’re laying on your bed upstairs as you read this and your mouth dropped open in surprise when your eyes began to look at these words.
Don’t waste your/our time trying to figure out the hows and whys, you’ll drive yourself/us crazy, like that time you/we tried to comprehend the universe, infinity, God, and a lot of other things too complex at that point in your/our life.

Remember? It was another hot summer day just like the day you/we watched Bobby Kennedy’s Funeral train pass by and later that afternoon you/we heard a choir of Angels sing. Betcha believe me now huh? We never told anyone that part of the story, so ha! Proof! Remember how tiny and stoic little John-John looked as he held his Mother’s hand? So much loss in that family…but I digress (you’ll find you tend to do the same, so try to stay on-topic mini-me).

There is so much I wish I could tell you, about life, about yourself, but there are rules that must be followed, an order to things that I can’t mess with as much as I wish I could.
You are so unprepared for what’s to come in the days and years ahead of you so listen up.
Pay attention.
I repeat,pay attention!!!

There isn’t much more I can say without breaking the rules. Now I know you better than you know yourself at this point,so I know your first instinct is to break any rule you can.
At least, try not to break the major rules.

I’ll be popping in from time to time. You won’t see me, we have to avoid paradoxical situations- look it up, although if memory serves me well, you already know what I’m talking about.

You’ll hear from me again, soon, but if I don’t get to you in time remember this: there’s more to it than getting the name right, look deeper. Don’t get all high and mighty just because you/we sometimes have prophetic dreams, you/we are way too na├»ve at this point to figure out your-future/my-past. The getting the name right part may mean nothing to you now but for your/our sake,please, look before you leap!!!

I just jinxed us didn’t I?

Till The Next Time,
Future Me

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