{November 30, 2015}   Delilah’s Fiction Relay Part 9

Finally my Lovelies! Delilah’s Fiction Relay Part 9! That pesky little thing called Real Life came knocking hard, so please forgive my tardiness. We’re still in the beginnings of this Fiction Relay, so if you haven’t been following along, well, shame on you first of all, but please feel free to go here, the Home page, where you can see what it’s all about, who’s playing along, and links to all the chapters. You can also go here to the Summary Page to catch up a bit on each chapter. We’re still early in the game, so settle down, pour yourself something tasty, sit back and enjoy the journey with us. We have no more an idea where this is headed than you do, so lets all find out together!
And away we go…..
Joey wiped down the pristine bar for the fourth time, although it was already so shiny he could see his own reflection.
A rather nice reflection it was, if he did say so himself.
It was a nervous habit he had when he felt like he had no control over anything. Mindless cleaning by rote kept him occupied. His brain whirled as he tried to piece together the puzzle that was now taking up a good portion of his life, courtesy of Rosalie.
Sure, he loved her like the sister he never had but she’d gotten herself into a mess and as usual, he gladly attempted to put together the pieces for her.
There was nothing Joey wouldn’t do for Rosie, after all, she’d saved his life when he needed saving the most and he knew he could never repay that debt, even though she shrugged it off.
That was his Rosalie, strong, courageous, beautiful, and always there to bail out her friends whether they asked or not.
But she prided herself on taking care of her own problems and did her best to keep everything hidden behind a forced smile. Rosalie found out the hard way that relying on other people usually ended up in disappointment and heartache.
Never again would Rosalie trust anyone aside from Joey. She’d been hurt too many times.
Well, it was time to turn the tables on Rosie, she needed help and this one was too big for Joey to handle himself. He needed assistance, so without letting Rosalie know, he called the only person he knew capable of taking care of things, legal or not.
There was only one not-so-little problem and it was a doozy.
If Rosie found out he was working with Charlie behind her back, trouble was sure to follow.
Rosie was on her way to see Joey now. They’d been searching for her “sister” for over two years now to no avail, but Joey had just gotten some information that could either find her or lead to yet another dead end. Every time they seemed to get closer to the truth, another obstacle was thrown in their path. They weren’t even sure if they were following the right path, the last three women who were supposedly the sister Rosalie was looking for turned out to be false leads. Even if this girl turned out to be the one they were looking for, there was no solid proof she even knew anything about the gem, or if she’d admit anything she might know.
Rosalie had never met her, it was only through her deceased Mother’s journals that Rosie became aware of the possibility of a sibling. The more she read the more she became suspicious there was some sort of mysterious cover-up. Her Father was no help, he was too busy increasing his fortune to acknowledge his daughter. Or was that daughters?
Charlie was the source of the latest update and there was no way Rosalie could find out. She’d be furious that Joey confided in someone else but if she discovered that someone else was her neighbor Charlie, all hell would break loose.
Rosalie seemed to have taken an instant dislike to Charlie. In Joey’s world, and knowing Rosalie as well as he did, instant dislike translated to an attraction to Charlie.Rosalie would never admit it but Joey knew her better than she knew herself and she was unwittingly showing all her tells. That in itself was out of character for Rosie.
If Joey wasn’t careful this whole undercover shit could blow up in a colossal way.
Charlie had to admit, he was having a good time messing with his cute neighbor. He hadn’t missed the flustered look on her face when she saw him dressed closer to his real self rather than the old ratty robe he wore as part of the character he was playing.
A man had to make a living, and even though Charlie had a hefty bank account between his inheritance and his tendency to live frugally, he socked away most of the money he made on the occasional jobs he took on.
He got bored easily and working undercover was unpredictable. Anything could happen and usually did but Charlie was always prepared for anything that might come his way. While he tried to stay away from guns, he was an expert when it came to Martial Arts and like a true Martial Artist, he kept that fact close to the vest. No need to advertise his skills, no need to let anyone know he could kill a man with one move using the right pressure point.
Better to try and keep a low profile, carry himself around with a scruffy beard and worn clothing. People like that tended to blend into the crowds becoming nearly invisible which was a big plus in his line of work.
He knew Rosalie trusted him about as far as she could throw him and he took a perverse pleasure in encouraging her opinion of him.
Easier to get the job done if he kept his distance from her, but when he thought of those eyes of hers, and that pert little figure she tried to hide, he couldn’t help but play with fire.
Joey told him in no uncertain terms that Rosalie was off limits as far as the romance department was concerned.
Looking down at the scruffy little tabby that had followed Charlie home a few weeks back, he scooped him up and laughed as Ripper purred loudly as he brushed along Charlie’s face, claiming ownership.
“Well Ripper old boy,” Charlie said as he stroked the cat affectionately, “Joey may have put romance off limits but he never said anything about some mutually agreed upon sex.”
Charlie grinned as Ripper meowed in agreement.
He’d seen a lot in his line of work and Charlie was sure there was a lot more to Rosalie than met the eye.

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It’s Fiction Relay time again my lovelies! The best party game in the world and all the kids should be playing! This time, the lovely Delilah started it, and I was honored to be included in the fun. We each take a turn writing a chapter, with no idea who the characters are or where the plot is going, so anything can happen and it always does. To start, here’s a homepage to give you an idea of what we’re all about, and here is a summary of the story so far, to be updated as each chapter is posted. Since this is only chapter 4, I’ll link to the first 3 chapters at the bottom of the page and link to the next chapter. Settle yourself down in a comfy chair with your beverage of choice and please, enjoy!
Rosalie’s annoyance carried her to the empty barstool Joey had waiting for her, as if he knew she needed to sit down immediately before she did some major damage to The Green Mill. It might not be much but The Green Mill was Joey’s pride and joy.
Rosalie blew hot and cold, and by the look on her face and her thousand-mile-an-hour diatribe about her lost phone, every other word punctuated with profanity, she was on fire right about now.
Joey quickly poured a generous shot and slid it over to Rosalie without a word.
Better safe than sorry.
“Fuck you Joey,” she said as she threw back the shot. “Oh, and thanks. And sorry.” She said the last two words sheepishly, then threw him an apologetic smile.
Even though her brain was furiously backtracking her every movement earlier, no need to take it out on one of her few real friends.
Rosalie let out a huge sigh. Her day had been going so smoothly, well, before creepy neighbor guy threw her off balance.
I mean really, she thought, if you’re going to throw around names like Ornette Coleman then you damn well better not confuse him with Artie Shaw! And what’s with the robe? And I don’t play music that loud! Why the hell anyone would even consider playing “Nightmare” at a low volume is beyond me, who the fu-
“Rosie,” Joey snapped his fingers in Rosalie’s face. “You’re getting that scary look on your face again.”
“Don’t call me Rosie and I can’t find my phone Joey.”
She had a small steadily growing pile of drink straws she was tying in knots, a habit she’d resort to when she was ultra stressed. Rosalie tied knots in anything knotable when she felt out of control.
And right now, more than ever, Rosalie felt completely out of control.
She needed that phone.
Like, life or death needed.
“What crawled up your ass Rosie? And weren’t you supposed to be at a lecture?”
Joey and Rosalie had become surrogate siblings since the day she wandered into The Green Mill for a drink only to walk out with a part-time gig playing piano after she and Joey discovered their shared passion for Artie Shaw and a host of other similarities that had them nearly convinced they were separated at birth.
The fact that they had the same taste in men didn’t hurt either.
Rosalie’s face drained of every last drop of color as she remembered the lecture she was now undeniably late for. Or was it late to? Fuck, she thought as her face met the palms of her hands.
She lost her bag. Her phone was missing. And now she was late for a lecture that was more important than anyone knew, to Rosalie’s handful of friends, it was just a lecture.
To Rosalie, it could be just the lead she needed.
Only now she was late.
She was going to strangle her previously unknown neighbor, whatever his name was.

Well that didn’t go very well Charlie thought as he took a long drag off his cigarette.
He hadn’t planned on knocking on her door yet, but his work, if you wanted to call it that, had him keeping odd hours and he hadn’t slept in nearly three days.
She could deny it all she wanted, she blasted her music and she blasted it loud. Usually Charlie didn’t mind, she had an eclectic collection of music and if he was just his plain old self he might be knocking on her door with a bottle of wine and a few albums of his own.
But he wasn’t his plain old self right now. He had a job to do, his last job if he played his cards right. Business before pleasure, unfortunately.
As he reached for an empty ashtray Charlie caught his reflection from the corner of his eye. For Christ’s sake! No wonder she couldn’t get away from him fast enough. He looked as bad as he felt.
That last assignment almost had him walking away. From the job, from the life he found himself living in, from everything.
But until he was done, there was no other option.
He had a job to do, and unfortunately, his quirky upstairs neighbor might wind up a causality.

“Seriously Joey, this isn’t the usual ‘I lost my phone’, you don’t understand, I need my phone, that phone!”
“Rosie calm down, we’ll get you another phone. You should be a little more freaked out about the lecture you’re missing.”
“Stop calling me Rosie,” Rosalie said absentmindedly. Joey was right, the missed lecture was bad but the phone, shit, shit , shit! She never let that phone out of her sight, there was too much on it, too much information she needed, hell, needed wasn’t a strong enough word.
She wasn’t kidding when she said ‘life or death’, only problem was she couldn’t tell anyone.
Rosalie’s life was a ticking time bomb and she had no one to confide in, no one to turn to for help without risking their own safety. She might be a bitch on occasion but she was a bitch with a conscience and nobody else was getting hurt if she could help it.
Shit, why couldn’t she be a normal college student?
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{January 25, 2014}   Fiction Relay Part 56

When we last left our gang of seven, they were in a Lowes parking lot surrounded by bloodthirsty coyotes controlled by Sanderson, who has appeared out of the shadows, closer than ever to the one thing he has been after for too many years to count, The Cup. All the pieces are in place, will Sanderson’s plan finally come to fruition?

Raj began to growl low at the unexpected sound of Sanderson’s voice.
Melissa tightened her grip on Raj, terrified. The entire group turned toward Sanderson as one, his words echoed around them, as if they were bouncing off mountains, his eyes greedy on the box Ephraim held. The Cup continued to dance in the air, hypnotic as it glittered, calling like a Siren and Sanderson a sailor, mesmerized.
“Yo, Sandy, you’re starting to drool.” Blue couldn’t resist, she was itching to punch the son of a bitch.
Spence grabbed her hand as Meaghan nearly stopped breathing at her daughter’s bravado.
*Samantha, not now!* Meaghan thought at Blue.
Drawing his eyes slowly from The Cup, Sanderson looked at Blue like a disappointed parent.
“You had such potential little girl, sad really, such a waste,” he shook his head as he walked closer to the group.
“Yeah it is kinda sad I have to waste time killing you dead asshole!”
*Chill babe* Spencer’s fingers tightened around Blue’s hand. *Try not to rile up the crazy man keeping the hungry coyotes at bay, ok doll?*
*Don’t call me doll and stop trying to take the fun parts away* Blue squeezed his hand back for reassurance that she’d behave. For the moment.
“I have to keep reminding myself that you’re just a child,” Sanderson spoke to Blue but kept his gaze on The Cup, “but you will do what I say, when I say. Those two may have provided your DNA,” he waved his hand carelessly at Meaghan and Sam, ” but I made you what you are.”
Sam lunged at Sanderson but Sanderson was faster, throwing up a hand before Sam reached him, emitting an electric blue pulse that threw Sam back a good ten feet.
Blue winced as she heard her Father’s head crack against the concrete ground of the parking lot. She also intentionally ignored the fact that she’d just thought of Sam as her Father.
Meaghan was torn between checking on the man she loved or staying nearer their daughter. Thankfully Sam jumped to his feet, more embarrassed than injured.
Thousands of vicious coyotes smelled fresh blood. They began to moan as one, whining for their Master to let them go, let them at the source of the scent driving them to instinctively push forward, the fence ready to give under their collective pressure.
“Silence,” Sanderson commanded the coyotes and they quieted down, as if he’d thrown a switch.
All but one. Raj continued to growl at Sanderson.
“You always were one to talk back Khalid, ”  Sanderson’s voice could almost be called affectionate. Almost.
“No one will stop me from fulfilling my destiny. The Cup is meant to be mine and she”, he pointed dramatically at Blue. “She will get it for me.”
“She” ain’t helping you with shit,” Blue spit back, trying and failing to keep her temper in check.
“That is your only purpose in life little one, and you don’t even understand what an honor I’ve bestowed upon you. The Cup….”, Sanderson’s voice trailed off, reverently.
He stiffened up, looking each one of them in the face.
“Not one of you realize the power The Cup holds. And it’s mine. I have waited years, decades, centuries to get what belongs to me. I will drink from The Cup and have all the power of the First Man. I will delight in destroying each and every star in the heavens and putting them back, one by one, the way I want, no one will stop me and I will rule not only this world, but the three other worlds below, as well as the endless skies above.”
“Dude, how come you’re talking like some kid trying out for a high school play, all dramatic and stuff? Never mind. Don’t care. What I do care about though, is kicking your ass. And these people here. Well, most of them.”
*Oh Spence, stop yelling at me, I’m kidding. Mostly. Now shut up, I love you.*
Spencer had to bite down on his cheek to keep from laughing. His Blue was amazing, he thought with wonder.
*You too babe* she let him know she heard him and sent him an image showing him what she had planned for him after they got through this. He immediately handed over the reins to his girl, she knew what she was doing. She always had a plan, and if she didn’t? Well if she didn’t have a plan she’d make believe she had a plan and improvise. Hadn’t failed yet.
“You can be a part of it still, feisty as you are, you amuse me, my little creation,” Sanderson continued, ignoring Blue’s outburst. “You are the only one who can open the box for me, and that is only the beginning of the power I have bestowed upon you. Together we will rebuild the world, my world, with the power of The Cup we will-”
“We?” Blue had had enough. “You’re out of your fucking mind old man!” She stood in front of him, furious, hands planted firmly on her leather-clad hips, as Spence backed her up, his eyes locked on Sanderson waiting for a sign from Blue, who had become the de facto leader of the group.
Raj continued to growl, showing his teeth as he strained against Melissa’s hold. Sam, Meaghan, and Ephraim stepped forward, all of them ready to battle as the shock of Sanderson’s appearance began to wane.
No one noticed Jose standing off to the side, his palm open as he chanted low, eyes raised to the heavens, calling on the power of Anansi.
Tiny web-like strings, barely discernible to the naked eye, quietly began to slither from the black spider Jose held in his hands, spilling onto the pavement. First one, then another, each individual strand glimmering blue, each strand sliding unnoticed and in unison, headed in the direction of Sanderson.


Authors Note: jeez Boss-man, you’ve got me doing actual research! 😀 Ok so in my attempts to reach the bar set by TRG, KC, and all the writers who came before me, I had to read up on the Creation Story re: The First Man, and Anansi, credited in some legends as the god of all stories, as well as the god of all wisdom. And possibly the first Spider-man. Wikipedia told me everything except suggesting Anansi was the first Spider-man; although he was said to be a spider/man, I prefer to think of him as your friendly neighborhood Spider-man.
You know the deal, go here:
for the summary of the story so far, and here:
for the links to each chapter.
We’re almost to the finish line folks, so take it away twin o’mine, KC is up at bat.

{January 10, 2014}   Fiction Relay ~ Part 53

It’s my turn at bat for the Fiction Relay as we race toward the end. You know the drill, go here for the summary of the story so far, go here for the homepage in case you missed anything there are links to each chapter. So with no further ado, allow me to present Part 53:

With one bright pulse of blue the uneasy alliance of seven shimmered into solid form in the back corner of the same Lowes parking lot Meagan had ported to before, when she ‘bumped’ into Jose.
They were lucky it was near closing time, the night was dark as pitch with only a few cars scattered throughout the parking lot.
All the lights in the lot had gone out when they appeared from the mountain cave, as if the teleport had drained the energy from them.
“Yay us, we’re here,” Blue huffed the obvious. “Now what?”
She was feeling impatient, feeling the need to do something instead of standing around clueless. In the middle of a Lowe’s parking lot, no less.
*Chill babe* Spence’s voice entered her mind, soothing her the way only he could. *We need to work together on this one, just trust me Blue, please?*
Blue giggled back at him silently, *Yeah I better keep it down, not like dog-face boy isn’t gonna attract any attention. I’ll just chill, that’ll work.*
She snickered out loud and Melissa shot her a look of annoyance. It took everything she had to keep from launching herself at Melissa and strangling her.
“Sammy,” Meaghan knew there was a lot to work out with her daughter, years to catch up on before she really earned the right to chastise the once little girl who now stood before her, a beautiful defiant young woman with a will of her own, but they all had to pull together if they had any chance of defeating Sanderson. Infighting wouldn’t do a thing toward that end.
Blue got the message but she wasn’t about to admit it out loud, she sent a mental hug to the Mother she loved, the Mother she’d needed for so very long and Meaghan smiled hard with relief.
“She’s right Meaghan,” Sam spoke up and Blue peered at him from the corner of her eye wondering if her so called Father was just trying to score points with her.
“What now? We’re out of the mountain and believe me, I’m not complaining about that, but how are we,” he waved his hand at the ragtag bunch of them, “going to get to Sanderson?”
“We’re not,” Meaghan said with conviction. “Sanderson’s going to come to us.”
Melissa rolled her eyes at her sister, tired of being the ‘Evil Twin’ yet still not comfortable being on the Good Guys team, she challenged Meaghan.
“Just like that? What makes you think Sanderson is going to come to us?” Her skeptical tone of voice had Blue up in her face before Melissa finished her sentence.
“Talk to my Mother in that tone of voice one more time and you’ll be begging me to kill you once I start pounding on you,” Blue sneered.
“Samantha, back off right now, we have no choice, we have to work together. When this is over you can take out all your anger on me, I know I deserve it but now is not the time. Understood?”
Blue froze at the sound of Sam’s voice, the man her Mother loved, the man who had abandoned her and her Mother, the man she was meant to call Father. She met his gaze, his eyes filled with love and pride, longing and regret, unwavering as she tried to keep up her tough stance. Her bottom lip began to tremble, her eyes threatening to spill over with tears as she felt the walls she’d built around her heart, at least when it came to him, start to crumble.
*Oh my sweet Samantha, I love you so much my daughter, I’ve loved you before I even knew you existed. I have so much to make up to you my little girl, please give me a chance.*
Sam’s thoughts penetrated Blue’s mind, sincerity dripping from each word he thought at her. Could it be possible to let this man, her own Father, into her heart?
“Understood.” Blue said as she backed away from Melissa. “But we still need a plan.” She mumbled the last few words, her mind confused with the growing affection she was beginning to feel toward her Father.
*That’s my girl* Spence sent a wave of love to Blue. *I’ve got your back babe, and so does everyone else. Trust me Blue, we need to remain a solid front if we want to beat that bastard at his own game.*
“Uh, guys,” Ephraim spoke up for the first time since they’d teleported out of the mountain. “I don’t know what we should do but this box,” he held his hand out for everyone to see, “I, uh, think it’s alive.”
The seven of them, including Raj in coyote form, gathered around Ephraim staring at the small box in his blood covered hand as it began to emit a glow.
The box was pumping, thumping as if it was a heart beating in his hand.
“What the fuck?” Blue was getting a bad feeling in her gut, Spencer glued to her side, his hand warm on the small of her back.
Coyote Raj began to whine as if he was in pain,
Sam, Meaghan, and Melissa were gathered around Ephraim, all eyes on the box pulsing in his hand.
Nobody noticed Jose stepping out of the shadows, a crazed smile on his face as he approached them silently.

Take it away KC! 😀

{January 4, 2014}   Character Intervention

“Tie her hands tighter, she’s a sneaky one, she is. Thinks she can wiggle out of anything. Make sure she can’t get away.”
“Hey! Wait a minute,” I said indignantly. “What the fuck is go-mmmmmmmmm!!!”
“Gag her; the only time she shuts up is when she has something in her mouth.”
I thought the voices sounded vaguely familiar but couldn’t quite figure out who was talking. Whoever they were, they’d blindfolded me. They must be pro’s.
One minute I was sleeping the sleep of the depressed and exhausted, next thing I knew I was tied to a chair, couldn’t see a thing, and now somebody had shoved something in my mouth so I couldn’t say a word.
I hate when I can’t say a word.
I also hated the taste of the washcloth somebody shoved in my mouth to shut me up. It tasted like soap.
Another voice spoke up. “Can’t we cut her some slack? She’s had a rough time lately; you know it could just as easily be one of us tied to that chair.”
I heard a deep male growl followed by yet another voice, this one female, whispering something to the growler about how they had to do this but they didn’t have to be so rough. I assumed she was talking about me.
I had no clue as to what was going on. It couldn’t be kidnapping because nobody I knew had money for ransom and I couldn’t think of a single reason anyone would want to kidnap me anyway.
Maybe I was dreaming, except the washcloth in my mouth and the restraints holding me down threw that theory out the window. I couldn’t even ask them what they wanted because whoever shoved the washcloth in my mouth decided duct tape was needed to keep it in place, my tongue was starting to hurt from trying to push it out of my mouth and I was doing my best to squirm my way out of the restraints.
“We’re not trying to hurt you,” another voice this time. How many people were here?
“We just want to talk to you. And we want you to listen. If you promise to listen to what we have to say nod your head and we’ll take off the blindfold and take that washcloth out of your mouth. But if you don’t let us have our say it goes right back in, ok?”
Huh? Who were these people and what did they want with me? Only one way to find out so I nodded my head and true to her word, the calm-voiced female took off my blindfold first. Maybe she wanted to gauge my reaction before she yanked off the duct tape.
Can’t say I blamed her when my eyes adjusted to the light and I saw I was surrounded by people I both knew and didn’t know. There was a familiarity in each pair of eyes watching my every move but I couldn’t quite put my finger on it. I knew them, but didn’t.
I sat still, my eyes taking in each and every one of them staring at me.
They stood around me, arms folded. I could feel the hostility in the air, mixed with disappointment, all of it aimed at me.
“Well? What do you have to say for yourself?”
The woman speaking was so beautiful she was hard to look at. She seemed to glow but it was her eyes that bore into me, kaleidoscope eyes swirling with colors that had me mesmerized. Dressed from head to toe in tight leather, she held a whip in her right hand, smacking it against the palm of her left hand. When I didn’t answer she cracked the whip in the air coming dangerously close to my face.
“You do realize she can’t answer you till you take your makeshift gag out of her mouth,” said the large green man with the yellow cat-like eyes.
Leather-girl’s eyes flashed red at green man, the look of annoyance on her face rose to a level I’d never seen before. She was scaring the hell out of me but I tried to keep calm and breathe. Through my nose.
Green man and leather girl were now involved in a stare-off and if I had to guess, they were arguing silently. Who were these people and what did they want with me?
As their silent argument continued my eyes took in the rest of the crowd surrounding me.
A tall thin woman with gorgeous red hair and flashing blue eyes stood next to two identical strapping hunks of man. One of the men winked at me and flashed a grin revealing fangs and the redheaded beauty jabbed him in his side with her elbow.
There was a young boy, looked to be in his late teens wearing glasses that were obviously the wrong size. He kept pushing them up the bridge of his nose, but I could barely see his face, his hair was unkempt and covered most of his features.
Standing next to him was another woman, by the looks of her she was young but her eyes made her look like she’d been through too much for any one person to handle. Something about her stirred something inside me, made me want to comfort her which was kinda weird considering she was part of the kidnapping contingent.
Standing next to them was a tall statuesque woman; her hair flowed down her back in natural curls, an aura of goodness emanated from her and she looked at me with a mixture of kindness and disappointment.
What the hell did I do to her?
She was flanked by a dark dangerous looking man on one side and a dog with three heads on the other. I wondered if somebody spiked my drink last night and I was hallucinating.
The arguing between leather girl and green man had slowly grown from silent to loud and louder until they were screaming at each other.
“Would you two knock it off?” A girl I hadn’t noticed pushed her way through the crowd surrounding me and leaned into me. “Sorry doll, it’ll only hurt for a second.” With that she yanked the duct tape off my mouth and pulled the soapy washcloth out of my mouth.
“Oww!” I couldn’t help it, duct tape hurts when it’s yanked off your face.
“Give me a bottle of water,” she shouted at the sexy leather-clad dominatrix woman and a bottle of Poland Springs water appeared in the girl’s hand.
I was impressed with her, dominatrix leather girl was not someone to be taken lightly, but this girl, who was kindly holding the bottle to my mouth, she seemed like she didn’t have a fear in the world.
“Sip slowly,” she said, “we don’t want you getting sick-”
“She means don’t puke on her,” leather girl said.
After shooting her a glare she turned back to me. “Ignore her, she’s not going to hurt you, none of us are, we just need to talk to you. Oh yeah, my name is Catt by the way. She,” Catt waved her hand in leather girl’s direction, is my Muse. She’s also my Djinn but that’s a complicated story-”
“A story you of all people should know,” said leather girl.
The big green hulk-like one stepped forward with a sweeping bow, “I can’t tell you my name but you already know that.”
Wait a minute, this was beginning to sound familiar.
“It damn well better sound familiar!” Leather girl growled as she read my mind.
“Get out of my head,” I said defensively.
That’s the whole point of this little pow-wow!” she snarled. “We’re trying to get out of your head and you’re not cooperating!”
Silence from me as I began to get it.
“Ahem, can we get on with the introductions? I’ve got things to do, I don’t have time for this shit. I’m Alison by the way, but you call me Ally, and this, of course, is The Kid.”
The shaggy haired kid pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose for the millionth time and huffed, “Stop calling me Kid. And you,” he pointed at me, “least you can do is give me a name.”
I was sensing a mutiny on my hands which was apparently my own fault.
“Don’t tell me,” I said as I looked at the fanged trio, “You’re Lizzie, and you’re James and Ian, or Ian and James, you two really are identical!”
I looked around at the other three and it hit me. “Oh shit, you’re Hades and Persephone.”
A trio of barks sounded annoyance.
“Sorry Cerbie, Didn’t mean to leave you out.” I said with as much humility as I could muster up under the circumstances.
“But you did! You left us all out. You’re so busy jumping from story to story you lost your focus!”
Leather whip girl was getting agitated pacing back and forth snapping her whip.
They were right, all of them, all of this was my fault.
These were my own creations and I’d left them high and dry while I whittled away my time writing poetry and putting things off because I couldn’t make a decision.
I wanted to spend time with all of them but unless I figure out a way to clone myself I had to make a choice, stick with it, and finish something instead of hopping around from story to story.
All of the sudden, out of nowhere, a motorcycle came crashing right through the wall screeching to a halt a mere inch or so from the chair I was still tied to.
Pulling off the motorcycle helmet my eyes nearly popped out of my head as a young girl with blue hair looked me straight in the eye and smirked.
“Come on, get off your ass already. As you already know, I’m Blue and you’ve got an appointment with a not-so-little thing called the Fiction Relay and things are wrapping up over there. TRG is the last person you wanna piss off.”
She hopped off the bike and strolled over to me, released me from my restraints and grabbed me by the hand.
“Sorry guys, you’re all gonna have to wait a little bit longer,” Blue said to the crowd. “She’s needed bad and she’s needed now. I’ll make sure she gets back to you soon as possible.”
They all stood there open-mouthed, all the characters I’d created and abandoned and was about to abandon again.
“I’ll be back soon, I promise,” I yelled out as Blue and I sped away on her motorcycle to the sound of a lot of screaming, arguing, and cursing.
Oh man, I was in for it when I got back.
But first I had some things to take care of in the mountains.
Fiction Relay, here I come.
blue bike
AUTHOR’S NOTE: it seems a few characters from some of my WIPs (W’sIP?) got together and ganged up on me to get my ass in gear, snowstorms, internet problems due to said snowstorms and the whole holiday thing kept me away for longer than they liked so they kidnapped me (while the internet kept going out by the way) to give me a little talking to but Blue from Fiction Relay got my ass out of there because they’re all frozen in time waiting for me, you know, the mountains and coyotes and all the good stuff won’t unfreeze till I get my ass in gear so Blue got me out of a sticky situation that will be waiting for me after I write my chapter of TRG’s Fiction Relay. Time to get working. It’s a new year, time to get my ducks in a row. But my characters are gonna kick my ass if I don’t get writing, so back to the New Normal. I hope all you lovelies will join me. Time to take down the tree and get writing. xox

{November 11, 2013}   Fiction Relay~ Part 49

Ok,you know the drill (you should), in case you want to freshen your memory or here (I’ll get these links right one of these days) to catch up as we draw closer to the finish line.

Blue wasn’t used to anyone coming to her rescue, she wasn’t a “rescue me” kind of girl, she could take care of herself.
Always had, always would.
But when Spencer appeared, real Spencer, her Spencer , she was never so relieved to see anyone in her life.
He appeared. Out of nowhere he appeared right where he belonged, tangled together with her. Blue allowed herself the briefest luxury of just being in Spence’s arms, his mouth crushed against hers, everything gone except the two of them, as if they were invisible. But luxury could cost them their lives and that was a cost neither was willing to pay.
As much as she hated it, Blue snapped them both back into reality with the unfortunate truth, “No time now, we’ve got incoming.”
“You ain’t kidding,” Spence muttered as he eyed the impossible sight. “Tell me I didn’t just see those asshole bodyguards turn into coyotes.”
Moving like a well rehearsed dance duo they instinctively took on their default fighting stance, back-to-back, eyes moving everywhere as Blue and Spence moved in slow circles, sizing up the fast approaching coyotes on one side, the dark snarling anger-fueled cloud of evil getting closer on the other side.
What the fuck is going on Spence? Why bother expending the energy to speak out loud when they could just as easily get into each other’s mind?
He’d never heard Blue sound this scared before. This just pissed him off more than he already was.
Do you trust me babe? Spencer knew the answer but wanted to keep Blue focused, not let the fear get to her. Something was off, he just wasn’t sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing.
Of course I trust you! Don’t be an idiot! And you pick now to ask me if I trust you? In case you haven’t noticed, we have coyotes, I repeat, big fucking coyotes about to chow down on us and you want to have a conversation about trust now???
Spence smiled to himself, he knew his Blue, and he knew what buttons to push to piss her off, trust being the big red flashing button guaranteed to annoy her most. The beginning of an idea was building in Spencer’s mind, he didn’t know if it would work, hell, he wasn’t even sure what he was going to do. But no way a bunch of bad bodyguards turned into coyotes were going to lay a finger on his Blue.
She was special.
And Blue had power, a lot of it too, and whenever they were together, Spence felt more like a man and less like a pawn.
Got an idea babe, just hold on to that cute little temper of yours and-
I don’t have a fucking temper!

He inwardly smiled again. He didn’t know how, but they’d get out of this, he just knew it, just like he knew he needed to keep Blue’s emotions running high for a little longer.
All sides were closing in fast, in fact the largest coyote of the four sprang into action, huge sharp back claws leaving the ground, front claws extended. He was so close they could smell his fetid breath, gristle and red stringy bits of flesh dripping from his snarling mouth.
Spencer had seen many coyotes in his life, their teeth were so sharp, so deliberate, he’d once seen a coyote dismember a cricket before devouring it.
He knew of the legends, magical tricksters they were.
These coyotes were everything he ever knew, magnified.
Wanna get out of here babe? Spence’s voice was nonchalant in Blue’s head.
Spencer I swear if we get out of this alive I’m gonna kill you! We’re surrounded, I’ve got my knife and that’s about it. WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO? Blue was as furious with herself as she was with Spence. She never felt so helpless in her life, she should have been able to do something to get them out of here but she couldn’t seem to concentrate, couldn’t seem to access her powers and that was pissing her off the most.
Close your eyes babe.
Are you crazy? Close my eyes? NOW???
Blue, if you ever trusted me, now is the time… please hon, I know what I’m doing. He managed to block any doubts he had far away from Blue’s probing mind.
The approaching snarling dark blob was almost upon them and the leaping coyote was a few seconds away from a two-for-one snack when Spencer focused every drop of concentration on getting out of there while grabbing Blue’s hands and spinning her face-to-face, molded together in perfect alignment, fingers entwined as his mouth crashed onto hers and they immediately began to emit a blue-ish glow, the air around them crackling, sizzling, the smell of burning fur fading.
They knew nothing more until an unknown amount of time later they found themselves face down on a cavern floor eating dirt.
“Uh, Spence, what the fuck just happened? And where are we?”
He looked around the dark cold nothing surrounding them.
They couldn’t see a thing and had no idea where they were, never mind how, exactly, they got there.
Raj felt the power of the mountain more than most. He was more attuned to it since dear Melissa killed him.
He was more attuned to a lot of things since Melissa killed him, and Raj knew, without a shadow of a doubt, he would have his day with Melissa. But first he would use her, he wasn’t sure how yet but he would know when the time came, and the time was fast approaching.
He continued to surreptitiously clench and unclench his fist, wiggling his toes underneath the stupid slippers she put on his feet. She would get what was coming to her. The mountain was the key.
She still sat there, in the driver seat while he sat in the backseat, continuing to feel more and more power from the mountain, or did the strange coyote on the dashboard have something to do with it?
Raj didn’t care where it came from, the power was building in him as he realized he could understand bits and pieces of the coyote howls. The four coyotes perched on the roofs of the abandoned SUV’s were communicating with the huge crowd of coyotes staring up at them, as if they were listening to a speech or receiving orders.
Someone, no, two someones had been here and disappeared into thin air. All the normal ear would hear were howls, but Raj was picking up more and more on what they said.
They were in there. In the mountain.
All of them.
For the first time in a long time, Raj’s face moved on his own command.
The smile on his face was terrifying.


And now it’s sweet KC’s turn…

{October 10, 2013}   Fiction Relay – Part 45

FINALLY! Apologies to all for my lateness with Fiction Relay Part 45, I was abducted by aliens and they had no internet access so, umm, ok, I had the flu so all flogging for being late should be aimed in my direction. Now, settle back, relax, and let’s catch up with the gang. As usual, in case you’ve missed anything, here is the link to the summary of the story so far, as well as the link to the homepage.
After hours of watching Melissa sob in her sleep, Raj began to meditate.
Although he’d much rather remain lucid. He could sit here for hours watching her tortured sleep. It was much more entertaining than wasting his time watching the television she’d left on for him. But Raj knew he needed to gather as much strength as possible if there was any chance his plan would work.
He knew without a doubt what she dreamed, he’d slipped a few nuggets of nightmares through her sleeping lips earlier, along with a sort of pathway in her mind. Raj was slowly making room for himself deep inside Melissa’s mind by stealing bits of her memory, manipulating knowledge inside her brain and taking what he needed.
Her emotions were all over the place, he’d been deep inside her, helping himself to whatever he wanted.
He didn’t know why, he didn’t know how, all he knew was each time he helped himself to another one of her memories he felt stronger.
He also felt closer to his obsession, Meaghan had always been just out of his reach. Raj couldn’t get the look of condescension in her eyes out of his fragile mind, she looked at him as if she was superior to him. Melissa, on the other hand, although underneath the glamour she did indeed resemble her twin sister, it wasn’t the same. She was a pale watered down version of Meaghan and no amount of glamour could hide the darkness in her soul.
Where Meaghan was light, Melissa was dark. Where Meaghan was a gorgeous sunny summer day, Melissa was a vapid frozen tundra, neglected, forgotten.
Raj was patient, he’d waited so long for what he wanted but he knew, without a doubt, that with just a little more time, a little more strength, he would be ready to make his move.
He would get his revenge and it would be glorious.
“What about my bike?”
Blue was distracted and not really happy to be leaving her bike behind. As she stared out the window watching the mountain,her treasured motorcycle fading into the distance, she began to feel uneasy and just a little bit guilty for leaving her Mom behind. She knew she was in there, and she knew without a doubt that her Mother needed her.
She abandoned you all those years ago, why should you do any different?
“Babe, stop worrying about your bike. We’ll come back for it as soon as we can. Now get your sexy ass over here, you’re too far away from me.” His right hand was inching up her left thigh, fingers digging in almost painfully as he yanked her closer to him. “Now there’s my girl,” Spence said as he ran his fingers along the inside of her thigh.
Blue was in no mood for this right now. Sure, Spencer was her first love, her only love, but she couldn’t stop thinking about her Mom and as much as she hated to admit it, even to herself, her sperm donor of a Father was on her mind too.
It’s a trap Sammy, please be careful, nothing is what it seems, please Sammy, please be careful.
“Spence, did you hear that?”
“What babe? The only thing I hear, aside from the wind, is the sound of your heart beating in time with mine,” he looked over at her, that face she loved so much, the one person she trusted most in the world, well the Spencer she knew would never say something as corny as that. Neither one of them were into that kind of mushy gushy love talk that sounded like it came straight out of a romance novel.
“Spence, I think we should go back,” Blue’s voice was firm, and she didn’t take too kindly to not getting her way.
“We are going back babe,” his voice was slurry, as if he’d smoked a little too much of that pot he’d mentioned before or chewed on some mushrooms of the getting high kind.
“Spence, you have to turn around, I have to try to get into that mountain, now.”
She looked at him expectedly, he almost always let her get her way but he just pressed harder on the accelerator, taking them further and further away from where she needed to be.
“Spencer!” Blue yelled his name, but it was if he couldn’t hear her, as if he was ignoring her.
Despite the dangerous speed of the vehicle Blue reached over and grabbed his face. “Look at me Spence, I’m not kidding, turn this fucking car around and take me back-”
Her voice stuck in her throat as her eyes met his.
Spencer’s eyes were glowing red.
Coyote was hungry. Coyote had patience though, as well as an all-seeing eye through the devoted ones. Both the savage beautiful beasts running wild through the mountains, and the weak-minded puny humans, were easily manipulated and Coyote laughed at the malleability of the humans. Filled with vanity and self-pride they could be led so easily with a little bit of flattery and a dose of what they believed was power. They had no idea what real power was but they would soon find out.

to be continued by the shiny

writing woman

“October 8th, 1929: A Man is Charged of Speaking Offensively in Front of a Lady and found guilty for using obscene language in front of a woman in Ohio*.”

October 8th, 1977: An Ohio boy finds himself in the right place at the right time, takes New Jersey teenage-girl’s virginity, uses obscene language onstage. No one cared about the profanity, NJ girl cared about losing it to a rock star.

October 8th, 2013: New Jersey girl anticipates the upcoming film featuring Ohio boy and his band played by actors, the real Ohio boy is a real dead boy after being hit by a car in 1990.
Ok so apparently I hit a brick wall (aka The Flu) and all the words in my head stayed in my head, instead of me typing the words here.
When the brick wall crumbled and buried me beneath a whole lot of, well, bricks, I managed to dig myself out, and with a whole lot of Irish Luck I was able to hang on to the words in my head. Now all I have to do is transfer the words in my head onto the page and we’re all copasetic, or at least I am/will be. I think. Hopefully. No, I definitely am/will be.

Here’s the plan: first, I post this little blahg because hello, it’s been a few days since I posted anything and I miss all my lovelies (if your eyes are here, that would be you I’m referring to).
Next, I finish writing my chapter of The Fiction Relay,

Why is my temperature 100 degrees? It makes my brain hurt.

Ok, here endith my blahg-words, my mind is spinning with ideas, some of them inspired by fever-dreams, so the next post I make will be Chapter/Part 45 of the most fabulously fun Fiction Relay ever and by the way, if you haven’t been following the FR than I suggest you get your eyes on over to TheRecliningGentleman’s blog by following the above link or, you can peruse my blog for other links to the Fiction Relay because fevered me is not having too much luck with the linkage today.

Ok my lovelies, hugs and stuff to you, I’m looking forward to hopping back on that carousel of inspiration and getting back in my writing groove.
Wish me luck, and here I go.
*From People’s History-What happened on October 8th.

{August 31, 2013}   Fiction Relay Part 41

Ah, here we are, with our latest installment of The Fiction Relay, details about which you can find here , and/or the Summary of this fascinating tale can be found here  the following is my humble contribution, and to find out who’s up for the next chapter, you have to scroll to the bottom of the page so you may as well read it while you’re scrolling anyway….so please, enjoy.
Two red glowing eyes were laser-focused on Melissa sleeping the sleep of the damaged.
After the visions first played out in her head, she couldn’t fall asleep. Her mind was trying to process everything that had been revealed to her, trying to decide what her next move would be.
She continued to focus on the wooden coyote with the strange piercing eyes until she eventually drifted off.
As she tossed and turned, mumbled words in an ancient language slipped from her lips and that piercing red glare intensified.
Raj was not happy.
Melissa had betrayed him in more ways than one.
Although there was a little piece of his remaining mind that was almost impressed with the depth of her anger, it didn’t come close to the rage inside Raj.
She had killed him once back in the cave then left him for dead again by leaving him imprisoned in this cookie-cutter cheap motel room.
Raj had allowed her to believe he was as dead as she intended him to be, but he was far from finished with her.
Raj and rage were never far apart when he was alive, the stolen power Melissa used to reanimate him had done a better job than she could possibly imagine, at least as far as his mind was concerned, and now the only thing in his reanimated brain was rage intensified.
His body, on the other hand, was a rotted mess.
Melissa had literally stabbed him in the back, repeatedly plunging her blade into his body long after Meagan teleported away from him. His back resembled an old leather sofa shredded after years of being used as a cat’s scratching post.
He would get his revenge on Melissa, on all of them somehow, but for now Raj remained trapped inside his own unmoving body, slumped and tied to an uncomfortable cheap motel chair while she continued to sleep.
The strange wooden carved coyote was set on the bed table beside her sleeping body, quiet.
Raj rested his gaze on the carving, his own rage-filled eyes locked on the inhuman eyes of the mystical totem. The visions that had slammed over Melissa eased soft and slow into Raj’s mind, filling in the blanks between his rage, leaving Raj full of ice cold fury and a strong desire to make his way to the ice caves revealed in the totem’s visions.
His inability to seek out the icy underground cavern served only to increase his anger and while patience had never been one of his strong points when he was alive, Raj’s death at the hands of that traitorous bitch Melissa left him with a strong desire to do some major damage.
Let her sleep the sleep of the dead, thought Raj, she wasn’t long for this world, not if Raj had any say over the matter.
Blue was on a mission.
She had a Mother to find. The hell with her so-called Father, he could fend for himself as far as Blue was concerned.
Blue instantly felt the exact moment her Mother left the Club. As tough of a front as Blue kept up, sometimes she couldn’t hide her worry about her Mom from Spence.
He knew Blue well enough to let her go alone as she wanted.
She was perfectly capable of taking care of herself and she was determined to get to her Mother.
And they could always and without fail get into each other’s head anytime, anywhere. Besides, Spencer had a few more irons in the fire than even Blue was unaware of.
He had a few things to take care of, a few things which, well, the less Blue knew, the better.

At times, Blue’s own memories would get patchy and tangled, fading in and out sporadically, but there was one thread that was woven through every single thought she had as far back as she could remember; her biological Father abandoned her and her Mother before Blue was even born.
She imagined he must have taken off the minute he found out her Mom was pregnant, and although no one ever told her that, deep down, this is what Blue carried with her each and every day of her life.
She’d hopped on her bike as soon as Spence admitted he’d already had her motorcycle brought back from the Jack-Ass Coffee bar.
A flash of that waiter’s face transforming earlier, all fangs and claws, eyes spitting fire as he scrambled after her in the bar sent a chill down her spine.
She increased her speed as if she could outrun the memories she wished she could forget and catch up to the memories that eluded her.
Part of her wanted to pay a quick little visit to Tyrone to have a few words of the non-verbal kind with him, let her fists do the talking, but the pull of Meagan, the Mother she wanted so badly, was becoming stronger the further on she drove.
There was something else though, something nearby that felt as if it was tugging at her. It began to feel as if her motorcycle was driving her instead of her driving it.
There was a scent in the air. Putrid. Rotting. Like driving by the city dump on a hot summer day, the air was heavy with the stench.
Blue knew the odor was undetected by the normal human nose but Blue didn’t have the normal human nose, if she let herself, she could differentiate and track each and every separate smell in the air.
Just one of the many powers she had, it was something she could turn on and off at will.
But as she flew down the deserted back roads, as she slammed into the nearly tangible smell of Evil with a capital E, Blue’s heart began to pound nearly out of her chest.
There was something frighteningly powerful and ancient, dark and evil mixed amongst the mélange of stink, but that wasn’t the cause of Blue’s sudden dread.
Her Mother was there.
Wherever there was, whatever the ever-strengthening stench was pulling her toward, Blue could feel her, smell her essence mixed amongst the quickly approaching dire.
If Blue’s instincts were right, and they usually were, something big was about to go down.
If Blue’s instincts were right, sometime in the very near future, things were about to go from bad to worse.

to be continued, as the baton passes to

{July 25, 2013}   Fiction Relay Part 37

Well, here I am, One Thrilled New Relayer who has somehow managed to write a little bit more than 1000 words. For those of you following along, (which I’m sure is all of you because how could you not?) we last left Blue locked up tight in a cab with Melissa let’s take a peek at what’s been going on since.
Please excuse my lack of link knowledge, I’m a writer not a linker so I’ve done my best to insert links to the Homepage and to the Summary to make it easier for you to keep yourself up to date.
So without further ado, please to enjoy Part 37 of The Fiction Relay.
Pokerfaced, Blue held Melissa’s stare, her eyes giving away none of the chaotic thoughts racing through her mind.
No way was she giving this bitch even one inch of satisfaction.
Shifting slightly in the backseat of the cab, Blue let Melissa enjoy her brief time of imagined control, intentionally dropping her gaze as if in submission.
Keeping one eye on Melissa, she rubbed her hands over her thighs giving off nervous vibes in an attempt to lull Melissa into a momentary complacency as she slipped her favorite blue switchblade from her right boot.
It might be little but it was full of lethal potential.
Blue casually slid the blade open, running the tip underneath her black-painted nails. Just being in the same cab as Melissa was making her feel dirty.
Tension was thick as neither one was willing to give in to the other.
Dropping all pretense, Blue finally broke the silence out of sheer boredom.
“Sanderson, Sanders son, Sanders daughter, what’s your fucking point? Is this the part of your Big Plan where I get all scared and beg you for mercy?”
Blue let out a sarcastic chuckle as she resumed running her switchblade under her fingernails.
“Not gonna happen sweetie.” Blue’s voice dripped condescension.
Melissa closed her eyes and mentally counted to five.
She didn’t have the patience to count to ten.
She would not allow this little brat to rattle her, as much as the sight of her made Melissa rage there was too much at stake to let a mere child get in her way.
Especially this child who was nothing more than a byproduct of Sam and Meagan’s ‘Grand Love’.
There was something about this beautiful young woman with her ridiculous blue hair and matching eyes that could convince a normal person she was far older than her years though Melissa refused to think of her as anything other than an insolent kid.
This annoying little brat was causing her to seriously reconsider her plan.
“It really bothers you doesn’t it?”
Blue glanced at Melissa covertly, her voice intentionally casual as she secured the mental block in her brain.
It was obvious Melissa had stolen some of her power but Blue’s powers were a lot stronger than anyone knew, including Spencer. There were just some things a girl had to keep to herself.
“Bothers me? What are you going on about? The only thing bothering me right now is you and your bratty sense of self importance,” Melissa spit out.
“And I’m going to take that away from you as easily as I took your powers. I’m the one in charge here little girl, apparently it’s escaped your pea brain. You’re not going anywhere.”
Melissa gestured to the locked doors keeping Blue from getting out of the car.
The very sight of Blue, Samantha, unaffected in the backseat of the cab with that face looking so much like Meagan was beginning to make her head pound.
Everything always came back to Meagan.
“You may have been hatched by those two wanna-be’s but the reality of the situation little girl,” Melissa paused for a moment, she could feel her anger building and the last thing she wanted was to let Blue know she was getting to her.
“The plain unvarnished truth dearie, is that Mommy and Daddy wanted nothing to do with you then, and they want nothing to do with you now. Your so-called Father couldn’t leave fast enough after your whore of a Mother spread her legs and as for her, well she couldn’t wait to dump your idiotic self on the first person she could find stupid enough to take you.”
“Careful Melissa, your green is starting to show.”
Blue remained unrattled while Melissa began to seethe.
Images started to flash fast through her mind.
Raj dead and deader. Fire and blood, so much blood. Images sped up like a flipbook, Raj on top of Meagan. Daniel, no Sam, Sam on top of Meagan, looking at her with the same worshipful eyes Raj did. Even Ephraim treated her like she was a porcelain princess.
All of them, every goddamn one of them worshipped that bitch and not a one of them ever put Melissa before Meagan.
No, not Meagan, Suzi.
What was happening here? Her thoughts sped up, uncontrollable, her mind splitting in different directions then coming back together as if her brain was in a blender.
“Hey, you know you really are starting to look a little green around the gills,” Blue’s voice broke through the chaotic spin of Melissa’s mind. “Don’t even think of puking in my direction.”
“Shut up.”
“You’re sounding a little shaky there ‘Lissa,” Blue still had her blade in her hand.
“Shut up shut up SHUT UP!”
Blue said nothing in return, just continued to relax slouched against the locked door, never once taking her eyes off Melissa.
“What the fuck is taking so long? We should’ve been back at the motel by now! Driver,” she knocked on the divider between the back and front seats. If this hack thought he was getting away with taking the long way back just to increase the tab he was in for a nasty surprise.
“Melissa.” A disembodied voice whispered her name, the voice was familiar yet too faint to grasp who it was.
Her mind began to race again.
Something was off.
No, she was just being paranoid, it had to be her, that hell-spawn was trying to get into Melissa’s head and it wasn’t about to happen-
Blue interrupted her thoughts.
“Awww come on Melissa, I don’t need any super powers to see how much it burns your ass just looking at me, it’s called the power of observation, look it up.”
“You are so fucking lucky I need your help little girl or you’d be nothing more than messy pieces right about now.”
Something wasn’t right, they should have been at the motel a lot sooner than this.
“And I’m going to help you because why?” Blue asked cheerfully, her face suddenly lit up like it was Christmas morning.
Melissa reached out to Blue mentally, then physically recoiled at the blast of ice cold pain shooting through every nerve ending in her body.
“What did you do?” Melissa screamed furiously, all semblance of control gone.
Once again she began banging on the window separating the driver and the passengers.
“Driver! Stop this cab now! Where are we! Take me to my motel!”
The cab pulled over, engine idling as they sat there in silence, no word from the driver, they just sat there on what Melissa just noticed was a dark road, with nothing recognizable in sight.
She turned to Blue, still sitting back, knife still cleaning her nails, a look of complete satisfaction on her face.
“You did this!” she screamed, “you did this somehow! You don’t know who you’re playing with little girl! You know nothing about the real power, the real control!”
Melissa was nearing the point of meltdown. “You think you’re Miss High and Fucking Mighty because of her, your lying backstabbing whore of a mother!”
The window between the front seat and the passenger seat slid open and a voice drifted through preceding the appearance of the driver’s head.
“Who you calling a whore?” snarled Meaghan.
To be continued as the Fiction is now Relayed to dear Delilah:

et cetera