{August 19, 2013}   Asses And Awards ~ Blahg Words

My newbie status is showing.
I feel like the girl who went to the ladies room and unknowingly got her skirt all tangled up with her stockings, strutting around a room full of people thinking she’s all kinds of cool only she isn’t.
Ok so yeah, I do have what is referred to as a nice ass, but I don’t want it on display for the entire world to see. (although I’m ok with parts of the world seeing my nice ass, just not the entire world)
What does my nice ass have to do with my newbie status you may ask?
Ahem, go on, ask, I’ll wait here till you do.
{cue Jeopardy theme song}
Yes, you in the red shirt in the back of the room? (you might want to re-think your color choice, red shirts always get killed first)
Thank you for asking, you’re very kind, but my nice ass really doesn’t have anything to do with my newbie status, I just threw that in there because, you know, sex sells.
So here’s the thing, I keep seeing all these award thingies on your blogs.
I don’t get it, hence the newbieness showing.
And to make it worse, I have been nominated for one of those award thingies and I did nothing about it because, umm, because, well, Ididn’tknowwhattodosoIignoreditandnowIfeeldumb.
I know, I shouldn’t be all award hungry, awards are cool and should be legitimately earned but damn they sure look pretty when I see them elsewhere.
Is there a Pity Award? How about a Pathetic Award? Maybe a You’re Too Stupid To Get An Award Award? Or a You Missed Your Chance Bitch So Deal With It Award?
I once got an award for bowling when I was in Junior High School. It was for last place and it was the back end of a jackass.
OH! LOOK! There is a connection between asses and awards!
Because everyone wants a Last Place Award, right?
Ok, I jest. Mostly. I know it’s not about the awards, it’s about the words. It’s also about you dear reader, because when it comes down to it, there is no greater Award than the feeling that comes from knowing you have taken the time to read my words.
In the end, no amount of Awards can beat that.


There should be a video here; if the link doesn’t work because I did it wrong then it’s well worth the effort it takes to copy and paste that sucker and watch a few minutes of Mr. Whedon fighting a one-eyed monster as written by a kid in ‘Scary Smash’.
How could I forget?
How in the world is it possible that I forgot the Birthday of my Mental Mentor, The One, The Only, The Great Mr. Joss Whedon?

Yesterday, June 23rd, was Joss Whedon’s Birthday.
You know Joss Whedon.

Creative Genius?
Wordsmith Extraordinaire?
Creator of Awesome?
Best Character Builder in the existence of Character Building?
Person voted Most Likely To Break Your Heart By Killing Off Your Favorite Character?
Possibly also The Wisest Writer In The History Of Writers?

There’s nothing my¬†little self could write to pay proper homage to a humble Genius such as Joss Whedon, so I shall simply say Happy Birthday Sir Joss, the grateful(ly growing) masses Thank You for the Gift of your words.
Oh and one more very important piece of advice from The Man Himself:
always be urself

et cetera