{March 24, 2014}   Simply

rorchach heart red
a tiny little bit of me
bleeds out through my fingers
splattered on the page Rorschach-like,
open to interpretation to the casual observer
although you see through me like sunbeams,
soaked into my skin translucent,
you break it down,
every puzzle piece interlocks, simply,
and the dots connect
when your eyes are looking,
no place to hide even if i wanted to,
you scent me every time
sniff out all my secrets scattered far and wide
when the wind whips through,
my deepest thoughts ripple
like pebbles pond-skipping across the surface,
somehow, you manage to calm the violent waves
deep inside my soul,

{March 14, 2014}   We Mesh

entwined mesh1
the way you slither through my mind
is similar to the way my body
yearns to slither around yours,
leaving a trail of liquid fire on your skin,
a steamy path to hidden treasures deserving of proper care,
you weave your way covert,
seeking out secrets without my notice
until i’m laid out before you, open for your perusal,
see, you owned me before i knew i was yours,
your natural inclination made it so, tracing back to your warrior roots,
my roots are strong too,
although you know exactly how to make me lose my place,
all flustered and rosy-cheeked, an aftereffect
from the way you master words and me,
because we mesh,
and isn’t that what matters?
black and white

{March 14, 2014}   Three Little Words

missyou piano
there isn’t much i ask of you
or anyone really,
i don’t want anything i have to cajole out of anyone
that wouldn’t count to me
i don’t want anything that costs money
that’s meaningless as well,
(although a collar would be nice, i would never ask for it)
i only want what comes from your heart,
what means more  to me than diamonds or gold
is something very simple,
just your words, your thoughts, your feelings,
unasked for but desired above all else,
just those three little words,
the best gift i could ever hope for and you gave it to me,
unasked, unprompted, out of nowhere,
three little words that make me breathe easier than anything else;
“i miss you”, you told me,
and suddenly my whole world was righted

{February 15, 2014}   His Words

She checks her phone incessantly, yet always the same result.
These are the hardest days, smack dab in the middle of winter without a reprieve from the bone chilling cold and never-ending snowfall.
She hurts.
Everywhere, she hurts. Her body hurts from the weather, her heart hurts from the world around her.
She feels disconnected.
Unaligned and unappreciated.
Such is her life.
She remembers the days before, when she was younger than she is now, full of hope and dreams-come-true. Before everything in her world came crashing down around her, leaving her alone to navigate the long days and longer nights. Even her dreams no longer offer her comfort, instead they are full of despair and disappointment, just a dream-version rehash of the everyday.
It’s enough to drive anyone insane.
She checks her phone again then pushes it to the side, almost out of sight but near enough to hear any notification alerts. As if the sound of an alert was a lifeline, a rescue from the sameness of each day.
She wonders if she ever crosses his mind. Hell, she wonders if she ever crosses anyone’s mind, but somehow she doubts it.
She lights another cigarette and stares at a blank page, wishing the words would come, but even they seem to have abandoned her.
Another cup of tea and still her mind is as blank as the page in front of her.
Snow continues to fall from the heavy sky, feathery flakes so big it’s like the clouds have been split open, pillow-like.
She wishes for something, but the truth is, if you asked her what she wished for, she couldn’t tell you for sure. Thoughts roil inside her mind so quickly she’s unable to get a grip on any one thing in particular, remaining passive as life continues to go on around her bubble of isolation.
She hears that sound, the one that sends a jolt low in her belly and nearly jumps out of her skin wanting to grab for the phone. Instead she forces herself to wait. Those few seconds of sweet torture never seem to last too long but she unlocks her phone fidgety, her fingers nervous, anxious for connection, even the smallest bit.
She smiles for days whenever she reads his words.
And she begins to write.
AUTHORS NOTE: Hello my lovelies, finally defrosted this huge iceberg that had me frozen in time and space. While I did hope perhaps Matt Smith would somehow show up with his TARDIS in an effort to regain those days I lost due to wintersnowicecoldfreezingwindicefallinghardheavyandsharp accompanied by outer-net loss-age too many times to make it worth signing on most days but wonder of wonders {c’mon, ‘miracle of miracles*} that’s been repaired and a new router is getting the first day jitters because he know he’s up as the old router retires…I hear he may go down to Florida to live with my BFF so this way he remains in the family and I know my router will be loved up by someone who knows what they’re doing and bam, old router has a new home in Florida and I know he’ll be safe with my Bestie….point… no excuses, no sorries, just beyond happy that the block broke as the ice melts on the Full Moon Valentines Day…also known as ‘hey it’s good to be back home again’ because it’s true. So if I didn’t use the right words just know that I’m so happy to once again dive back into my bubble world, and that, my lovelies, is due in great part to you. If your eyes are reading these words, then know they are meant for you, the best readers a girl can have!!! Much love for reading, commenting, letting your eyes skim down a page, whatever, I have much love for each and every one of you, you keep me writing and  there is a place in my heart for you all.

{December 19, 2013}   What We Don’t Say

it’s funny sometimes,
the way you pop into my mind
and i stare at my phone debating,
do i or don’t i?
so i don’t
and that’s when that little ping goes off,
the one that goes straight to the core of me
because i know the dance has begun,
if everything is in alignment
i know i’ll soon hear your voice
and for those minutes,
regardless of the longevity
everything is perfect
a line tossed my way letting me know
things aren’t always as they seem,
and anything is possible
when we believe the impossible,
we don’t always talk about certain things
the ones better left unsaid and yes you get the credit,
but we can say anything and oh, we do,
you may be multi-tasking
but i’m finding me,
because you opened my eyes,
it’s good to see again

{December 6, 2013}   Inevitable

i been thinking
it’s time to stop thinking
and time to slide
slip right back to into that fire
shivering in the middle of a heat wave
your hands in my hair
while your hips show me who’s boss
fingers playing me like a musical instrument
not sure if it’s the late night breeze
or your breath on my skin
my mouth goes dry at the thought
and i can always scent you
the hunt is growing wilder, impatient,
growling and ready to snap
no holds barred,
or,as you said,
kiss hands

{December 4, 2013}   Enough For Me

romantic tunnel
it’s funny in a way,
always you there and me here
yet we seem to meet in the middle
always and all ways
it’s been awhile now, time passes so fast
i can’t remember a time you weren’t in my heart
we slip and slide through the shadows
unnoticed and undetected,
invisibility has it’s perks you know,
though it seems to go into hiding a little too much lately
patience keeps me company,
that and the sound of your voice in my ear,
you bring me joy and make me smile even when
tears pour down my cheeks,
you remind me that i am,
anything i want to be is possible when i remember that i am,
and these days,
remembering that i am and you are is enough for me

{November 26, 2013}   Daily Prompt ~ Temptation

it takes everything i have
to hold myself back,
to not laugh too hard along with everyone else
because you’re the one meant to make the people happy,
but you were also made for me,
when you catch my eye in that way you do
my knees buckle as i melt into a puddle of me,
anxious to do those things,
the ones that make your eyes roll back
but invisibility isn’t always an option,
so we carry on, and
i can’t crawl between your legs when you strum my pain,
or show you that little thing i can do with my tongue,
the one that makes you growl
perhaps you’re made of magnets,
or some sort of mathematical scientific thing beyond my comprehension,
because everyone hovers in your atmosphere
while i try to keep my flames from flaring,
my heart pounding to beat the band
complicated by that look you throw my way,
that’s when my body smiles secretly in return
and temptation laughs
Daily Prompt: Simply Irresistible
by Krista on November 26, 2013
Tell us about the favorite dish or food that you simply cannot turn down.
Photographers, artists, poets: show us TEMPTATION.

{September 26, 2013}   Don’t Forget


it’s always you who saves me
whether you know it or not is irrelevant,
the point is you do,
without fail, you do,
so when everything piles up high
appearing to crumble all around you,
when you keep on always,
unsatisfied and overwhelmed,
your I’m-ok-mask firmly in place
with a joke for the masses on the tip of your tongue,
it’s me who worries,
i’m the one
who wants to reach out
take you by the hand and take over,
oh don’t misunderstand,
this is not a coup,
no dissension amongst my inner ranks,
just me reminding you how precious you are,
see, you sometimes forget
in your race against the clock,
when certain things get back-burnered
when all those burdens wear you down,
please don’t forget,
they can’t hold to a candle to my determination
i have special superpowers you know,
they came from you

{September 5, 2013}   On Your String

it’s almost laughable the way you yank me
unknowingly or intentionally, you yank me,
i’m the yoyo on your string,
your fingers nimble, hands a blur,
pulling me in tight then a flick of the wrist
and i’m falling, slipping through the cracks
crashing in a downward spiral
quietly twisting in the wind,
waiting for you to jerk me your way again,
circumstance doesn’t make the lack of you any easier,
but I nibble on the breadcrumbs you leave me,
follow your lead without pause, or instruction,
just a comfortable rhythm we fell into
after we noticed the reflection,
and fought those inner demons,
just another waste of time if you ask me,
yesterday morning i dreamed your voice on the phone,
husky, demanding, thick with desire,
when i whispered ‘hello’ this morning you were the same,
husky, demanding, thick with desire,
and you yanked me,
fingers a blur, your voice pulling my string tight,
twisting in your breeze as you control the air
and me on your string

et cetera