{December 29, 2017}   The Plot Bunny Hop

plot bunny

Oh boy.

Wait. Is that considered sexist these days? I can’t keep up with the ever-changing rearranging list of words we may or may not use, but that’s a bunny for another day. This day? Well this day has my head full of ideas, like ideas are multiplying and I’m hopping from one to another, unable to settle on just one.

Is it an embarrassment of riches when you have eleventy twelve plots-to-be and you can’t figure out which way to go? I have so many almost-done stories I need to finish while new ideas keep hopping through my brain yelling “pick me! pick me!” and that’s where the embarrassment comes in. Because I’m having trouble figuring out who to give my rose to and my Muse is about ready to smack me upside the head, so to speak.


Easier said than done.

I took a break from writing, a very long unproductive break. The reasons, legitimate as they are, are no longer acceptable to me. I can no longer not write, it’s inexcusable to allow life to keep me from doing the thing I love most. Not that thing, that thing is a plot bunny of a different color, but writing? Well, writing snuck up on me without my knowledge, I was a reader, not a writer. But I could write letters easily as I draw breath, and when I won a reading with a psychic astrologer-stop laughing please and thank you- he told me he saw writing in my future. Ok, this is the part where you can laugh because that was my reaction.

Blah blah blah and the next thing I know, I’m writing a fiction column for a summer newspaper, somewhere around 24 short pieces of beach/family-friendly horror stories that I actually got paid to write before the paper folded.

I work best under pressure.

What do you do when you no longer have a deadline to meet? In my case, I once again found myself thrown into something completely unexpected, song writing. Oh, but that wasn’t enough, I also, through no fault of my own, was pushed right up front, a lead singer singing songs I wrote.

I started to like this thing called writing and short version, I found myself here, blogging.

The problem with blogging was I had nobody pushing me, I had to push myself. So push I did until I didn’t, which brings me back to my point; too many ideas and not enough fingers to type with because 10 fingers can only type so fast. So I find myself with a bookshelf’s worth of almost finished novel-length stories because I keep hopping from one to another.

What do I do now?

Do I start something completely brandy new? Do I pull out my unfinished words and, say, finish something already started?

I can picture my Muse, standing over me, her arms folded, tapping a foot impatiently, that look of dominant disappointment on her face because she wants me to finish her story. She doesn’t care that I’ve got an apocalyptic survivor waiting for me to continue her adventures. She doesn’t care about Lizzie and James, two vampires hanging out at a human club while Liam, James’s twin brother is wreaking havoc just for fun. She doesn’t care about Persephone leaving Hades and his desperate attempts to get her back, never mind the Djinn, who happens to be part of my Muse’s story. She’s all about me, me, me!!! She’s also really pissed that I’m even considering doing the bunny hop with a new plot bunny instead of dancing with her.

Did I mention she can be really scary when she doesn’t get her way?

Did I just figure out where I should stop hopping and start writing?

Did my Muse just command me to give more attention to her?

You bet your pretty neck she did.


catrouble says:

So happy to see you back out here, sweet Jo. And ya better listen to your Muse…make her happy = rewards but make her unhappy = UHOH! 😉

Hugs and blessings…Cat

Thank you sweet Cat, it feels good to be writing again and, umm, I didn’t do it on purpose because I started writing this particular story before I met you, but umm, her name is Catt 😀 Not my Muse but the heroine, and yeah, I do have to listen to my Muse, she is a harsh mistress! LOL

Andy says:

Do you still sing in a group?

I do, but not as much as I used to, we’re actually in the middle of recording two new songs, and the signs are pointing to yes, more playing out in 2018! Fingers crossed! ❤

Andy says:

Then I cross my finger too! Here’s to a great 2018 for you Jo.

And the same to you dearest Andy! I’m also trying to actually answer comments too! I’m all kinds of brand new this year and it people like you who make it easier 💖

Andy says:

Was sat this morning watching Piers Morgan life stories-he was interviewing Kim Cattrall. She was talking about dealing with the grief of her father’s death and she suffered from insomnia, said it was always 3 o’clock when she woke up. Said at the time it was like having a 250 pound adult gorilla on her chest and she couldn’t get it off. Made me think of you. Not the gorilla! The grief/3 o’clock thing.

Lol, yeah, it would take 3 of me to equal the gorilla, ok I exaggerate, but at least 2 gorillas 🤣 how strange that 3am thing is, at least I’m in good company, I always loved Kim in Sex and The City lol. But seriously, grief is the great equalizer, that’s for sure 💖

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