{August 17, 2013}   Defenseless

we banter back and forth
sometimes joking, mostly not,
there’s a grain of truth in everything we say
and nothing is a lie,
you push me hard, any way you want me
so i push back tenfold testing your limits
though we both know it’s me i’m testing,
you never fail to see right through me,
unable to keep you from drawing me in
your words pull me closer,
i am defenseless
waving the white flag is futile
when you do the impossible the way you do
and get me all shook up,
there’s steam in your wake
uncontrollable, like this thing,
from the inside out it’s much more than lusting,
that was just an unintended side effect,
a comfortable time out from the humdrum daily grind,
now insatiable,
when the light turns green, pop it in gear and keep on going,
you can find me at that place, where you showed me how to fly
just by thinking it,
if we falter, remember how your fingers take on a life of their own
when you’re making magic,
stroking chords and dancing over keys,
your certain words in your certain order,
and me


{August 12, 2013}   Kill Me

nothing short of death will stop this
you are in my blood
so go on, kill me,
it’s the only way to stop this
what has come before has led us here
all of it,
the before times and all the baggage belonging to someone else
but baggage enough to crush us both
we hold strong to each other
to this
to a shred of sanity
to hope
to dreams
to reverse the freeze,
so go on kill me,
it’s the only way to shake me off
the tenacious grip of my claws won’t let go,
i can’t let go unless you kill me,
close your eyes and turn away,
build the walls and cut the connection
though still I wait
for peace
for clarity
and for you
so kill me,
it’s the only way to make me gone
the only way to kill this is to kill me
because nothing short of death will stop this
so please kill me
for without this, I am already dead

{June 29, 2013}   It’s The Sound

you call and i fall
deeper with each word
it’s the sound
the tone
your voice
pulls me in and holds me captive
on the edge
of my seat and my sanity
about to slide and spiral into that place
you took me there before,
pushed me over easy ’cause i was already halfway there
i saw your shadow at that other place just the other day
your scent teased me even though it was just a memory
there to remind me to flip the hourglass
and set my watch
because you call and i fall,
it amazing how much can be accomplished in one afternoon
lips smoking

{May 21, 2013}   Bubbled Thoughts

bubblessee sawbubbles
i try to keep it all down
those things i want to say
but they bubble
they rise and fizz
escaping before i’m ready
cartoon balloons spilling my secrets without my permission
unable to grasp them they elude me,
i try to pull them back and change the order
yet somehow
out of chaos and confusion
you decipher me,
it amazes me sometimes
the way we keep coming back to this
assured and sated
and again
we remain faithful in our unfaithfulness
there is a beautiful symmetry
to this see-saw we ride
and when we ride,
we ride hard
topsecretthesethoughtbubbleson the phone

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