{December 29, 2014}   Flying Through Time

an unknown number of hours ago,
(or was it days?)
i travelled through time
unsure where i truly belonged,
the here and now see-saws constant as the roundabout spins,
in no particular order, no particular direction,
no rhyme
nor rhythm,
just noise,
and the unexpected crash, along with the jarring of my spine as i hit bottom,
yet still, the past calls me,
luring me, lulling me
like sirens singing
‘come back, come back’
as the future lurks behind floor-length curtains,
each panel leading to another unknown
waiting patiently for me to make my choice, but
when i sometimes forget my own name, life-choices
become impossible,
at the very least,
so i shall pour myself another cup of tea
lace up my invisible skates,
and pretend i can fly

{March 8, 2014}   To Soar

i wanna soar,
fly across the ice like i used to
when my mother filled my thermos with cocoa
and my skates took me anywhere
i could fly back then,
skate circles around even you
although i was invisible
and no one noticed me twirl
not then
not when my legs were coltish
and my eyes too big for my face,
but i could soar across the river when i wanted
a bubble around me to catch me if i crashed,
now my skates have rusted from lack of use,
though my feet have been itching to fly again,
slide and soar through the night
thankful for the invisible
making it easier
for you to catch me when i crash

et cetera