{May 6, 2014}   Yours

when you call me pet
or you tell me i am yours
my whole world glistens

~This is the prompt today, whether it fits the technical definition of haiku or not, this is my version of the haiku style we were taught in school~ and the prompt is: What is the one word or phrase that immediately cheers you up when you hear it?

{February 15, 2014}   His Words

She checks her phone incessantly, yet always the same result.
These are the hardest days, smack dab in the middle of winter without a reprieve from the bone chilling cold and never-ending snowfall.
She hurts.
Everywhere, she hurts. Her body hurts from the weather, her heart hurts from the world around her.
She feels disconnected.
Unaligned and unappreciated.
Such is her life.
She remembers the days before, when she was younger than she is now, full of hope and dreams-come-true. Before everything in her world came crashing down around her, leaving her alone to navigate the long days and longer nights. Even her dreams no longer offer her comfort, instead they are full of despair and disappointment, just a dream-version rehash of the everyday.
It’s enough to drive anyone insane.
She checks her phone again then pushes it to the side, almost out of sight but near enough to hear any notification alerts. As if the sound of an alert was a lifeline, a rescue from the sameness of each day.
She wonders if she ever crosses his mind. Hell, she wonders if she ever crosses anyone’s mind, but somehow she doubts it.
She lights another cigarette and stares at a blank page, wishing the words would come, but even they seem to have abandoned her.
Another cup of tea and still her mind is as blank as the page in front of her.
Snow continues to fall from the heavy sky, feathery flakes so big it’s like the clouds have been split open, pillow-like.
She wishes for something, but the truth is, if you asked her what she wished for, she couldn’t tell you for sure. Thoughts roil inside her mind so quickly she’s unable to get a grip on any one thing in particular, remaining passive as life continues to go on around her bubble of isolation.
She hears that sound, the one that sends a jolt low in her belly and nearly jumps out of her skin wanting to grab for the phone. Instead she forces herself to wait. Those few seconds of sweet torture never seem to last too long but she unlocks her phone fidgety, her fingers nervous, anxious for connection, even the smallest bit.
She smiles for days whenever she reads his words.
And she begins to write.
AUTHORS NOTE: Hello my lovelies, finally defrosted this huge iceberg that had me frozen in time and space. While I did hope perhaps Matt Smith would somehow show up with his TARDIS in an effort to regain those days I lost due to wintersnowicecoldfreezingwindicefallinghardheavyandsharp accompanied by outer-net loss-age too many times to make it worth signing on most days but wonder of wonders {c’mon, ‘miracle of miracles*} that’s been repaired and a new router is getting the first day jitters because he know he’s up as the old router retires…I hear he may go down to Florida to live with my BFF so this way he remains in the family and I know my router will be loved up by someone who knows what they’re doing and bam, old router has a new home in Florida and I know he’ll be safe with my Bestie….point… no excuses, no sorries, just beyond happy that the block broke as the ice melts on the Full Moon Valentines Day…also known as ‘hey it’s good to be back home again’ because it’s true. So if I didn’t use the right words just know that I’m so happy to once again dive back into my bubble world, and that, my lovelies, is due in great part to you. If your eyes are reading these words, then know they are meant for you, the best readers a girl can have!!! Much love for reading, commenting, letting your eyes skim down a page, whatever, I have much love for each and every one of you, you keep me writing and  there is a place in my heart for you all.

{December 7, 2013}   You Say My Name

in my dreamings
i can hear you
whispering low,
groaning husky,
saying all those things
unsaid between us,
words have meaning, we know this,
so we hide them amongst the chatter,
carefully, with a delicate hand,
an artist’s touch
and oh you touch me so artfully,
you traced a map on my flesh,
leading me to a previously unknown destination,
uncharted waters, some times the inbetween is rougher than expected
but we hold onto that lifeline
float amongst the flotsam and jetsam
enduring the battle scars with surety
an unfamiliar feeling i can almost believe in,
we weave words melodic and study them microscopic
meanings hidden amongst the blatant,
your lullabies lull me to my dreamings
where you penetrate my mind
tossing me this way and that from miles away
i moan in my sleep when you are in my ear
growling those words we keep hidden away
i awake with a smile at the memory
of the way you say my name

{October 18, 2013}   Like You Told Me

i felt you breathing last night,
you were halfway across town, sleeping,
i sent waves of me through the night sky
aimed straight to your mind,
knowing i would travel slow down your body
never missing an inch of you, i left my mark,
just a phantom memory of a time before
and a time to come, just around the corner,
but i embedded myself last night,
not sure how deep but oh i felt you,
deeper than i knew existed,
you slipped in hard and fast,
taking hold of my soul, branding me yours
with no expiration date,
i will stay here waiting
because i belong to you
just like you told me,
and whenever you call me
i will come on command
because you know me better than i know myself
and your aim is always true
whether you’re half a town away
or taking up residence here inside me

{October 11, 2013}   Time’s Punishment

time’s playing games with my mind again,
it does that on occasion, self protection maybe,
more likely i’m just an easy mark,
i slap my heart down on the table and wait,
for the chips to fall
or the sky to come crashing all around me,
see, it usually does,
i pull myself up though, swim against the current
face-first into the howling wind i go,
defiant and unafraid
daring you for more,
we circle back,
sniffing the water like sharks
hunting each other under the radar
eyes always open,
searching for a way inside,
i could slip underneath your skin and stay there forever
the way you did mine,
unintentional or not you started to seep through
until i was saturated but that’s just your way,
at least i like to tell myself that, i’m afraid to believe i’m special
because time always has it’s way and wins the day
but it’s the nights i want to claim,
i can call on time’s mercy
but time’s playing games with my mind again,
that cold autumn air tastes like your mouth on mine,
those shivers up my backbone turn me to jelly
in that same way your fingertips do
even your phantom fingers bring on the shakes,
because there’s a part of you inside me always,
makes it easier to suffer time’s punishment
when you keep the waiting humming

{September 22, 2013}   You Got Me

you got me
right where you want me
exactly where i want to be
on the edge
always saturated in you
waiting for a sign,
a signal in the sky
with my name on it,
your mark on me invisible to the naked eye,
it takes a certain combination,
a mathematical formula, with only one result,
all variables taken into consideration
won’t change the outcome,
no reason to push against the inevitable,
you’ve been holding the reins loosely,
the pull so infuriatingly slow
tightening and tighter
as you amp up the tension
with me over here
about to explode

{August 29, 2013}   That Holy Place

there’s a spring in your step,
magic in your eyes
that lets you see right through me
all my secrets are nothing more than urban myths i was warned about
lessons i needed to learn on my own
but i learned it all wrong,
crossed the bridge and got stuck on the wrong side,
sometimes you appear like a genie in a bottle
when you’re rubbed the right way your wish is my command
with the power of your mind you control me,
your voice steers me around the curves
and guides me to that holy place
the place where we can breathe easy
safe in the arms of a rowan tree
where you lay me down
feasting on me
nobody watching
as the world around us goes on

{August 28, 2013}   The Palm Of His Hands

She finds him haunting her thoughts more and more each day regardless of all the clutter she throws in his path.
If she keeps herself occupied with minutia she can go a full five minutes without a trace of him crossing her mind.
But even the slightest little thing can set off a chain reaction bringing her right back to him.
He’s always with her even when he’s not.
It’s been that way for quite some time despite her attempts to keep him far away from her imaginings. She knew she shouldn’t let him have such free rein over her thought patterns but she was powerless when it came to him.
He’d unknowingly trained her that way and she eagerly followed his lead in the game they’d been playing for what seemed like forever, but somewhere along the way the lines blurred.
Sometimes it became difficult to separate fantasy from reality but one thing remained clear; she belonged to him.
Whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted.
Nothing more and nothing less.
He made the rules and she followed them.
Of course it was all made easier by the simple fact that her wants were the same as his.
She fought against the primal connection between them and tried to keep her emotions to herself but he knew. Somehow he always knew when she needed him most despite her attempts to prove otherwise.
She’d ignore the fire in her belly when his name came up in conversation in an attempt to keep herself under control. She was able to hide her unconscious reaction from everyone but him.
Now she finds him slipping into her dreams each night, so vivid and clear that when she awakens each morning the first thing she does is reach for him.
He’s never there.

{August 21, 2013}   Pride In Ownership

make me wonder
more than i should
you nibble at my brain
at the most inopportune times
slip inside my mind without a hint of notice
an unobstructed view of all i am
is yours for the taking
with just the right combination of words
strung together in your perfect order
a little bit of attention
some pride in ownership
can accomplish miracles
shake up the dismal
and keep me breathing

{August 12, 2013}   Kill Me

nothing short of death will stop this
you are in my blood
so go on, kill me,
it’s the only way to stop this
what has come before has led us here
all of it,
the before times and all the baggage belonging to someone else
but baggage enough to crush us both
we hold strong to each other
to this
to a shred of sanity
to hope
to dreams
to reverse the freeze,
so go on kill me,
it’s the only way to shake me off
the tenacious grip of my claws won’t let go,
i can’t let go unless you kill me,
close your eyes and turn away,
build the walls and cut the connection
though still I wait
for peace
for clarity
and for you
so kill me,
it’s the only way to make me gone
the only way to kill this is to kill me
because nothing short of death will stop this
so please kill me
for without this, I am already dead

et cetera