{May 26, 2013}   Naughty Girl

AUTHORS NOTE~ I’ve decided to write down some of the lyrics to songs I’ve written for my band someplace other than a leather bound notebook because really it’s just poetry anyway, right?


I’ve been a criminal, I’ve been a thief
I’ve been a robber and I caused all kinds of grief
I’ve been to Heaven’s door, I been to Hell
Been somewhere in the middle, bet you couldn’t tell

I’ve been a liar and a teller of tall tales
I stretched the truth a bit when everything else failed
Your expectations of me, much too extreme
Hard to live up to what you think that I should be

And when you think back on me, I know you will
Try to remember you were hunting for a kill
I tried that good-girl route, that ain’t no lie
revised my act after you said your first goodbye

I been a naughty girl – you know I really didn’t mean to be
A naughty little girl – you know I really didn’t try to be
I been a naughty girl – and when I ask you what you think of me
Just wish you wouldn’t be so quick to agree


et cetera