{March 21, 2014}   That Tingle

sometimes out of nowhere
there’s┬áthat tingle along my spine,
it shoots up quick like a volcanic eruption
zips through my veins till it settles down low
electromagnetic pulse in that one spot
and i wonder to myself if you felt it too,
at that very same moment in time
because the zap’s too strong for me alone,
before i know it i’m slipping into a pool of lava,
hot and flowing in all directions
waiting breathless for those urgently needed words
real or imagined,
they have the same outcome,
like the flash of a camera exploding in my eyes
leaving everything shiny
and me at your mercy
happy for it


{June 7, 2013}   Humming Electric

how can it be
that you keep me humming
even when i fight it with all my might
although my might’s always weak-kneed
whenever you’re concerned

you know we cycle
and there’s that good old lunar pull
just to make sure we remain comfortably predictable in our unpredictability
it’s a byproduct of that dirt-town underground
where everything starts and everything ends
where they walk across the broken crumpled on the floor
never stopping to see if there’s fog on the mirror
or a heart left to beat

hold your breath and count to twenty
the carnival is coming to town
and the wheel’s spinning slower, set to land on win
keeps me humming electric like you know i tend to do
even when i try to turn my back and walk away
it does nothing more than remind us, you own my ass
and every other part of me

et cetera