{December 29, 2015}   Sweet Christmas Kisses ~ My Review

I love Christmas stories, multiply that by 5 and you’ve got a perfect book full of sweet romance at Christmastime.
I love all of the authors in this book, every one of them is on my Favorite Naughty Authors List and have now been added to my Favorite Nice Authors List.
From Anastasia Vitsky’s “Check Yes Or No”, her first M/F romance is about a boy and girl, friends since they were children, the story takes us through time as they live their separate lives. But when Sharie comes home for Christmas and tragedy strikes, will events open up Sharie’s eyes to the man Richie has become? Miracles are always possible at Christmas!
“Kismet and Cocoa” by Dominique Eastwick begins with Abby, a baseball bat, and a gorgeous stranger at her door. With one of the best first lines from a hero I’ve ever read in a romance book, “I have a kitten”, Preston spits out those words hoping to stop her from swinging a baseball bat at his head. With memories of a bad romance lingering in her head, will Abby give Preston a chance at love? A lovely Christmas romance!
“Silver Bells and Cat Tails” by L.J. Garland takes us into the world of Tabitha, lover and rescuer of cats, she finds homes for strays through her shop Café Mew, a coffee house with a twist, the cats pick out their humans instead of the other way around. Tabbie hesitates when it comes to relationships, who would believe a ‘crazy cat lady’ can communicate with her cats? Noah intends to prove her wrong with a little help from Tabitha’s furry friends just in time for Christmas.
“Meri Chris Mess” by Dara Fraser, Meredith moves to Oak Springs to start over taking a job as a music teacher. A few weeks before Christmas a flood destroys nearly everything in the school leaving the Christmas Concert in peril, without an instrument to be played. When Chris, a local Firefighter enters Meri’s life, will he be able to help Meredith pull off a Christmas miracle for the town, as well as giving Meri the happy ever after she deserves?
“The Little Match Girl and the Billionaire” by Kate Richards finds Noelle stranded and homeless on Christmas after her business and home burn
down in a fire. She finds a box of abandoned kittens and as she walks through a storm shivering she runs into Charles, or rather Charles nearly runs into Noelle as his car slides on the slippery road Noelle had just stepped into. A snowstorm, a box of kittens and Noelle stranded and homeless walking through the streets in her nightgown, will Charles be the Christmas miracle Noelle needs?

Christmas magic and love is the common thread in each story, and I defy anyone to get through this book without smiling through their tears.
I loved this book so much I’ve read it twice already. I guarantee you will do the same!


taliaschild-highresA Quick Note From Me : I’ve been gone for far too long, I will be blogging about it later today, but in the meantime, for your enjoyment and reading pleasure, please head over to Amazon (or the book seller of your choice) and buy Taliaschild, the sequel to Taliasman. Anastasia Vitsky outdoes herself every time she puts words on a page, I am constantly humbled. Aaaaaaaand… we go:
Another perfect gem from Ms. Vitsky, I devoured Taliaschild in one sitting.
I’m finding that to be the norm when it comes to anything written by this author. Taliaschild is a sequel to Taliasman as we follow the journey of a magical Talisman originally handed down from Nicodemus to Vina, who places it around Talia’s neck. You’ll have to read Taliasman to find out what happens because I don’t want to give anything away.
Taliaschild begins six years later, when we meet Kira, daughter to Queen Vina and Talia.
Kira has been raised with anything and everything a girl could want, yet she grows restless and bored with her perfect life and sneaks away, longing for a bit of freedom. She finds more than she could have imagined when she meets Sonna, a poor street urchin, who spends most of her time scavenging for scraps of food for her family. If she’s lucky enough to find something to eat, Sonna is able to avoid yet another beating from her Mother.
Drawn to a mud-covered Sonna, Kira spends a day with her, seeing another side to the world, where fighting for a fish-head can mean the difference between nourishment and starvation, between praise and a beating.
Kira places her handed down Talisman around Sonna’s neck only to find it stuck there. Unable to remove it, Kira leaves the Talisman with Sonna and returns home to continue her training for the day she becomes Queen.
Based on The Snow Queen, we revisit some familiar characters from Taliasman, and learn more about Merda, a character who cries out loudly for her own story.
This reader is hoping we get another book, as these characters have dug themselves a place in my heart, and in all honesty, the only thing I can complain about is the fact that the book ended.
I love everything about Anastasia Vitsky’s writing, I can truly say she is my favorite author, as long as Ms. Vitsky’s name is on a book, I immediately buy it, knowing I’m in for another wonderful read.



I guess it should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me that the book I’m currently reading is the book when it comes to all things Buffy. Written by Nancy Holder, who has also written a slew of books, both fiction and non-fiction about, among other things, the genius that comes from the squishy frontal lobe of The Man Himself, Joss Whedon.
Chock full of goodies, this hardcover collectors edition brings you deep into the BuffyVerse, offering insight into the characters and mythology of the SlayerVerse as well as following the evolution of Buffy and her Scooby Gang throughout the Seasons. Included inside is a black envelope stuffed with extras entitled Slayer Lore:Texts and Magicks for the Battle, a must for any hardcore Buffy fan such as myself. Copies of Spells, Prophecies, and a map of Sunnydale are among some of the goodies as well as my own personal favorite, a shadow caster used in Season 7 Episode 15 ‘Get It Done’. To say anymore would be doing a disservice to the author and the reader; there are a lot of Buffy books out there, but this is the best of the lot, including a Forward written by Amber Benson, the actress who played Tara on the show.
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