{March 30, 2016}   Every Night He Rapes Her


every night he rapes her,
pieces of her soul flake off
like dry winter skin
she disappears slowly,
ashes in the corner
once dust,
now consist of her soul,
now gather with the shadows,
conspire with the whisperings of twisted roots
seeking another way out
while waiting for the ice to melt
every night her rapes her,
whiskey colored accusations whip across her skin,
invisible scars hide beneath an icy layer of frost-defense
and Demeter has disappeared forever
the palace crumbled unattended,
the yellow roses bloom no more
while every night he rapes her

dead rose


Hi Joanne, I have to hang on to the mythical part of this, wow, and it turns out even then the pictures this creates are far too awful for me. 😦 But far more important, I hope so much that y o u are ok and if you feel down that you have a loved one nearby to talk to, or just to hug you for a looooooong moment. Actually one long moment and then do it again! 🙂 Let me know if you need someone to talk to or to vent, though, anything is better than keeping things inside that should be out.

hugs and love


Aww Nina, I wish we lived closer to each other because I would hug you long and hard, or at least accept your hugs ❤ I'm so sorry when I inadvertently hit a trigger point, especially when it comes to your sweet soul, I sometimes find it easier to deal with reality when I mix it up with the mythical, I relate so closely to Persephone, and somehow for me, it's easier to hide in plain sight, and I know you understand what I mean…. I'm going through a rough patch and unfortunately the only huggers around that can truly make me feel better are my furry babies, so I hug them and love them and know that eventually, I'll pull myself out of this hell ❤
hugs and love always xox

I love hugs, I mean the real ones, because giving and receiving them makes everybody feel better. 🙂 At other times of the year reading about sexual assault and being violated is something I manage well enough, as long as I can keep my distance. This year was just bad timing from my side, because everything was more intense with Kate and some rough weeks that followed, and that came together with this tension that slowly grows every year until 3rd March is over again. It is an unhappy anniversary that I can live with, and from all the things that happened there then, I remember well the warmth of a blanket and a hug by a police-woman when she put the blanket around me. I have loved hugs before, because it comes with the family, 🙂 but this one hug was something to hide in. I am still grateful for it and can feel it right now. Sorry for writing a downer like this, if this is not ok please delete this comment, which I would understand all too well. I don’t want to see you unhappy for any reason, and I am so sorry that you are having a rough time at the moment. I’d love to hug you, especially with one of those hugs that creates safety and lets you feel how much you are loved. I am glad that your furry babies make you feel better, and in addition to that I’d love you to have someone to talk to and hug when things are not too good. And I am pretty sure that there is someone close and very willing to give and receive a lovely hug. ❤

hugs and love


Mouse says:

Beautiful, Joanne!

Thank you hon! I love the Persephone myth and the way it can be mixed in with the reality of day to day life.
Thank you for commenting ❤

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