{March 10, 2016}   Either Or


Would it matter if I ran to you
legs pumping heart beating
arms open wide?


Would you say you wish you made it
and then tell me that you tried
but it was out of your control?

Will my happy ever after
appear out of nowhere
the way the music told me?


Will I have to crawl and beg
gobble up the crumbs thrown my way
and swallow with a smile?

When this black fog lifts
will the sun shine down on me
leading me out of this darkness?


Will this black fog darken
thicken as it chokes me
laughing as it sees me crumble?

Will it matter either way?

disappearing girl1


Hi Joanne, I like this one a lot, maybe because it describes a place that I have known too, but definitely because of the last line. Your poem shows the contrast between hoping for the better outcome and the one that will leave someone in the horrible dark space (the picture of this is part of my worst nightmares btw).
As you probably kind of know I hope for the sun to shine on you, and this is the hope that you have there, but there is this insecurity, whether you will be led out of the dark. Strong lines I think, really strong! I like the way you ended this, there is this fear of giving up in it, that’s why you ask whether it will matter. Another strong line, at least for me, because not/never giving up is important.
You have created an awesome poem with a very serious background in it, and I want to tell you that you matter to me, and hope you feel lots of love today (and always) from those around you (and from me too, always!) ❀

hugs and love


Nina my sweetest Nina ❀ , do you know how special you are? I'm sorry for poking at old wounds and bringing up nightmares. I wrote this the other night without thought or intent, just a cloak of despair and disappointment wrapped around me as I sat in the dark kitchen alone, nowhere to turn but words…which I've been not doing enough of, writing… it's funny how we can spew words and hit publish and close the computer and sleep, hoping to dream. I have a tendency to write and never read again…you've made me realize I need to study my words, and myself, it's time to start walking again… i love you my wonderful mother of mini-coopers πŸ˜€ , you have been a lifeline, if I say more I'll cry πŸ˜› lol
Thank you, just thank you ❀ and all the hugs are yours ❀

oops, forgot to mention that the second picture is scary for me. hugs ❀

It scared me too :O lol

mbender007 says:

Fucking beautiful. Don’t want to pontificate, not very good at it anyway.

Oh, no, not very good at pontificating at all!!! /sarcasm intended πŸ˜€
I’m using my phone so I’m all wacky, don’t know how to navigate so I’ll be searching tomorrow bender , m bender πŸ˜€

Jill says:

Great poem!

Thanks Jill! Glad to see I can follow your site ❀

PS: ok I said that wrong, I just subscribed to your newsletter lol ❀

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