{March 3, 2016}   Some Times


i find myself going through the motions of the everyday,
my body moves blindly,
chaos into order by rote,
kaleidoscope tunnel vision thoughts,
backwards slide into ecstacy everlasting and all i want is you,
i’m set on replay,
burned into my brain
soft landing seclusion safely centered in a bed of thorns,
momentary release echoes infinite,
comfort in an endless series of storms,
shelter from arrows dipped in poison,
invisible protection,
a gift from ancient times, when warriors were worshipped
and supple sacrifices lay willingly,
prone at worthy feet,
it’s all here,
flying through empty rooms,
dust particles in the warm afternoon sun,
blanket of invisible draped,
molded together tangled, tethered,
it stays there,
carved in flesh and bone,
a constant reminder to breathe
and sometimes I do,
translucent gossamer ties us together,
now it’s here,
now it’s there,
but the constant of this devotion remains just that,
and steady as she goes,
no hesitation,
only the wanting,
wanting you, with no expiration date
for there is no time limit for perfection,
and sometimes,
some things just are


Hi Joanne, I love what you wrote there, though I am not sure that I understood it all (not because of the poem, that i s clear and speaks to me, only because I’m having a day I want to forget and cannot focus on anything today).
It seems that the narrator has a bad day too, sort of feeling lost and lonely, but she has got the warmth of wonderful memories I’d say, because she reminisces and can see the good too, even though she is not with the one she loves. The old house seems like she walks through it for the last time and then has to leave it behind, but I’d say she can virtually see all the (good) things that happened in there, and she felt protected there, with her lover.
And this situation without her loved one is a burden for her, isn’t it? She is not with the one she loves, and misses her lover who is gone. But at the same time she appears hopeful (?), or at least she has found a way to accept what has happened? Maybe I got it just all wrong, but I am glad that you put this here today, your poem came just in the right moment for me (sorry for being selfish) to find back to all the good in life. 🙂 Thank you Joanne. ❤ Hope all is well for you.

hugs and love


Dear sweet Nina, so late, this reply is so very late, but somehow I stumbled on this and saw your comment and, you always know everything instinctively somehow…. you are a gift, you are so wonderful, and it seems fitting somehow that the first time in forever I come here and I see you. Thank you for always being you ❤

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