{October 28, 2015}   Delilah’s Fiction Relay ~ Part 4

It’s Fiction Relay time again my lovelies! The best party game in the world and all the kids should be playing! This time, the lovely Delilah started it, and I was honored to be included in the fun. We each take a turn writing a chapter, with no idea who the characters are or where the plot is going, so anything can happen and it always does. To start, here’s a homepage to give you an idea of what we’re all about, and here is a summary of the story so far, to be updated as each chapter is posted. Since this is only chapter 4, I’ll link to the first 3 chapters at the bottom of the page and link to the next chapter. Settle yourself down in a comfy chair with your beverage of choice and please, enjoy!
Rosalie’s annoyance carried her to the empty barstool Joey had waiting for her, as if he knew she needed to sit down immediately before she did some major damage to The Green Mill. It might not be much but The Green Mill was Joey’s pride and joy.
Rosalie blew hot and cold, and by the look on her face and her thousand-mile-an-hour diatribe about her lost phone, every other word punctuated with profanity, she was on fire right about now.
Joey quickly poured a generous shot and slid it over to Rosalie without a word.
Better safe than sorry.
“Fuck you Joey,” she said as she threw back the shot. “Oh, and thanks. And sorry.” She said the last two words sheepishly, then threw him an apologetic smile.
Even though her brain was furiously backtracking her every movement earlier, no need to take it out on one of her few real friends.
Rosalie let out a huge sigh. Her day had been going so smoothly, well, before creepy neighbor guy threw her off balance.
I mean really, she thought, if you’re going to throw around names like Ornette Coleman then you damn well better not confuse him with Artie Shaw! And what’s with the robe? And I don’t play music that loud! Why the hell anyone would even consider playing “Nightmare” at a low volume is beyond me, who the fu-
“Rosie,” Joey snapped his fingers in Rosalie’s face. “You’re getting that scary look on your face again.”
“Don’t call me Rosie and I can’t find my phone Joey.”
She had a small steadily growing pile of drink straws she was tying in knots, a habit she’d resort to when she was ultra stressed. Rosalie tied knots in anything knotable when she felt out of control.
And right now, more than ever, Rosalie felt completely out of control.
She needed that phone.
Like, life or death needed.
“What crawled up your ass Rosie? And weren’t you supposed to be at a lecture?”
Joey and Rosalie had become surrogate siblings since the day she wandered into The Green Mill for a drink only to walk out with a part-time gig playing piano after she and Joey discovered their shared passion for Artie Shaw and a host of other similarities that had them nearly convinced they were separated at birth.
The fact that they had the same taste in men didn’t hurt either.
Rosalie’s face drained of every last drop of color as she remembered the lecture she was now undeniably late for. Or was it late to? Fuck, she thought as her face met the palms of her hands.
She lost her bag. Her phone was missing. And now she was late for a lecture that was more important than anyone knew, to Rosalie’s handful of friends, it was just a lecture.
To Rosalie, it could be just the lead she needed.
Only now she was late.
She was going to strangle her previously unknown neighbor, whatever his name was.

Well that didn’t go very well Charlie thought as he took a long drag off his cigarette.
He hadn’t planned on knocking on her door yet, but his work, if you wanted to call it that, had him keeping odd hours and he hadn’t slept in nearly three days.
She could deny it all she wanted, she blasted her music and she blasted it loud. Usually Charlie didn’t mind, she had an eclectic collection of music and if he was just his plain old self he might be knocking on her door with a bottle of wine and a few albums of his own.
But he wasn’t his plain old self right now. He had a job to do, his last job if he played his cards right. Business before pleasure, unfortunately.
As he reached for an empty ashtray Charlie caught his reflection from the corner of his eye. For Christ’s sake! No wonder she couldn’t get away from him fast enough. He looked as bad as he felt.
That last assignment almost had him walking away. From the job, from the life he found himself living in, from everything.
But until he was done, there was no other option.
He had a job to do, and unfortunately, his quirky upstairs neighbor might wind up a causality.

“Seriously Joey, this isn’t the usual ‘I lost my phone’, you don’t understand, I need my phone, that phone!”
“Rosie calm down, we’ll get you another phone. You should be a little more freaked out about the lecture you’re missing.”
“Stop calling me Rosie,” Rosalie said absentmindedly. Joey was right, the missed lecture was bad but the phone, shit, shit , shit! She never let that phone out of her sight, there was too much on it, too much information she needed, hell, needed wasn’t a strong enough word.
She wasn’t kidding when she said ‘life or death’, only problem was she couldn’t tell anyone.
Rosalie’s life was a ticking time bomb and she had no one to confide in, no one to turn to for help without risking their own safety. She might be a bitch on occasion but she was a bitch with a conscience and nobody else was getting hurt if she could help it.
Shit, why couldn’t she be a normal college student?
over to you sylvialoves
For the first 3 chapters:
Part 1 ~ Delilah
Part 2 ~ The Reclining Gentleman
Part 3 ~ itsgoodtobecrazysometimes


Delilah says:

I love, love, love, love, LOVE this! Now we have a little more insight into Charlie’s world and Rosalie’s. This is why I love the Fiction Relay. It can help us all create so many things and connect them where we usually wouldn’t in our work. This is such a great challenge for me as well. I’m excited to see what Sylvia will do since she hasn’t posted anything for me to read in a few days. Hint, hint…slyvia. I love you people all so much. This is great!

Yay!!!!! The first one is the hardest, lol, last FR I joined in somewhere in the 20-30’s chapter-wise, getting in on the ground floor is so much fun!!! And Delilah, you have no idea how much I love Artie Shaw and all the music from that era, I grew up surrounded by that music from my Parents playing records all the time. I LOVE that you put the phonograph graphic, and I hope it’s ok I added that Fiction Relay graphic, I’m so used to adding graphics to every post I write here that I searched the internet until I found a way to make one myself, since my mind was in a whirl, I chose the spiral thing because it reminded me of the twists and turns of the Relay. this is the most fun I’ve had in so long and I sure needed something to believe in, thank you for including me ❤
And in case you didn't know, I love you all just as much ❤

Delilah says:

I am happy to have you! It’s great that you knew who Artie Shaw was. He is one of my favorites and the victrola is actually mine. We had given it to my grandparents when I was a child so they could play their favorite songs from the 30’s and 40’s. My grandfather just passed away and we brought it home. I’d been listening to old records all afternoon when I started Chapter 1.

I’m so sorry you lost your Grandfather, my sincere condolences. Too much death 😦
Oh and in case I didn’t mention this already, my favorite ever soulmate kitty cat was named Delilah ❤ I loved her so much that she came back to me in my current Drusilla, looks so much like Delilah I have to look at the other stuff in pictures to figure out which cat she is. I love the name Delilah ❤
Oh, and while I wrote Part 4 I had Artie Shaw playing the whole time I wrote 😀 great minds my dear, great minds ❤

Delilah says:

Cool beans about the cat. No condolences needed for me, though. Thanks for the thoughts! Also, Nightmare…best song!

Hi Joanne, I like this; there is so much going on, and I’d wish for Charlie and Rosalie to end up together in love. 😀 But according to the secrets we do not know about yet they could also end up in a completely different way. Thank you for sharing, I enjoyed reading your chapter.

hugs and ❤


Thank you Nina! This Fiction Relay is like a gift from above! I’m with you on the Charlie and Rosalie ending up together but that’s the beauty of the FR, we never know what will happen!
hugs and ❤ back my sweet
Joanne xox

sylvialoves says:

UGH. I’m afraid I’ll ruin it! I’ll start working on it.

Nope. It’s impossible to ruin a Fiction Relay Sylvia ❤ We all share a brain 😉

sylvialoves says:

I posted if it worked.

Wow! You’re fast!!!! And it worked! And Nina Simone!!!!! This is awesome ❤
(psst- if you can, add the Homepage link and the summary link and it's all golden 😀 )
I am happy dancing all over the place ❤

sylvialoves says:

Thanks, a few type o’s need fixed skipped some letters.

Great chapter Joanne, i love how we are getting to know everyone. This is perfect Relaying – building on what went before, shedding light on previous events, hinting at future plot developments, and all the time we are getting to now the characters a little more. And realising there is so much more we DONT know.
I wonder too how the Charlie/Rosalie situation will unfold…

You, dear TRG, have been my teacher, I learned a lot from the last relay and it’s so much fun dropping things that may or may not mean anything, may or may not be important, just going along with what came before, it keeps my mind filled with ideas all the while knowing they could be thrown out the window depending what comes before and I love it!
Thank you thank you and thank you again!
There isn’t a ‘reply’ button on some of these comment boxes do sylvialoves, typos are nothing, it’s the story II wish we could put together and edit it as a book hint hint lol
One never knows 😀
And Delilah, Nightmare is so awesome listened on a loop, at least 20 times in a row, LOVE that song! Crap. Now I have to post it on FB because it’s too good not to!

i’m so glad you love Relaying, it’s great fun and we ALL learnt from it. The Relay itself was the teacher.

Fantastic chapter and thank you so much for following me 🙂

Awww, you’re a sweetheart ❤ And of course I'm following you! I'm sorry it took the FR to find you but whatever it takes, I'm so very happy to meet you and work with you, because fun is doing a FR with fine company 😀 xox


I have nominated you for the one lovely blog award. Its optional but if you do wish to take part. You can find the details here

Aww again! You’re super extra covered in sugar sweet ❤ I'm happy to be a part of it, and it's good for me to dip my toes back into WordPress since I was gone for too long….thank you IGTBCS (I'm embarrassed to say I don't know your proper name, yet 😀 )

[…] does the story go from here? I’ve no idea – ask Joanne, she’s up […]

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