{September 5, 2015}   Lowering Liquid


the level lowers quickly,
that dark liquid magnifier,
a bottle lessens to a drop and another cracks open,
see, it’s the weekend you know, and everything must go
according to a fantasy schedule, unshared and unbelievable,
easier to play along till your bones are suddenly screaming from an unintended stumble,
collision unexpected and yes, balance no longer works,
soft reasonable patient words unheard,
slurry mumbled snark, the kind where they’re only kidding and
don’tcha have a sense of humor,
your sanity questions you to shake things up
and a bump grows on your eyebrow, stabby painful and nothing new
lather rinse repeat because it never goes away.
they fight for control but Jack always wins these days,
an occasional visitor who tends to overstay his welcome,
I think he sucks,
but when it’s over no one remembers the demon, just the angel,
all a figment of my imagination



Hi Joanne, this is scary. It shows how someone is no longer able to control her body, even if she wanted to. The physical harm, like a bruise, would not bother me too much, but being that helpless because of alcohol, losing the fight against it, that is pretty frightening. You create a very clear picture here of what alcohol can do, thank you for that (it will not be a favourite poem of mine, because I really find that scary, but I love the intensity of it!).



Thank you Nina, you always get me and that means the world to me. It was painful to write, partially because my first instinct is to protect others even when they might be doing me wrong. I guess this is a bit of an example why I no longer drink, although sometimes I wonder if it would be easier to succumb to the inevitable if I had a few shots in me. It’s so hard to see someone drinking themselves to death right in front of you, knowing nothing you say will change it, they have to do it themselves, Meanwhile, I have a pounding headache from an unintended crack of someone’s skull against my eyebrow bone (is there such a thing as an eyebrow bone?) The scariest part is not being able to control your own body due to someone else, and I don’t mean that in the fun way.
Thank you sweetheart, you always make me feel better ❤
Extra tight hugs back,
joanne xox

A little dose of reality here. I enjoyed this write!

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