{September 2, 2015}   Who Owns Who

like a kitty needing to curl up near You
i purr at Your touch
scenting You, much like
the way You left Your mark on me,
waiting patient and still
i crawl in Your direction at the sound of Your voice,
as i feel the pull of Your invisible leash
attached to my invisible collar,
alert and ready to leap across the room
or strut slow and low, tail in the air
searching for the slightest bit of Your attention
a gentle nip leads to a salty lick,
cat-like signs of devotion
yet it never crosses my mind
who owns who


Hi Joanne, I enjoyed this a lot, maybe because it could apply to different sorts of situations and relationships. So, it could be written for a cat, but I like the idea that it could be for a Mistress/Master – slave relationship. Sounds great to me, with such a wonderful twist in the last line. 🙂



Nina! I knew you would get it! That was my intention, for it to be able to apply to different situations, the exact ones you listed 😉 As for the last line, it is kinda true, yes? 😀 Thank you my sweet ❤ It means a lot knowing you like it ❤
hugs back xox

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