{January 5, 2015}   The Actual


i heard your voice this morning

my heart raced and my mind felt warm,

as if a blanket made of angel feathers engulfed me

and once again i felt safe, secure,

it didn’t last long though,

reality smacked me awake, hard and firm


reminding me my dreams are just that,


there is no pot of gold at the end of my rainbow

for i am nothing more than an observer,

watching the rest of the world go by

my brain puts pieces together in the wrong order

making the sensible senseless

and the senseless tolerable,

i’m disconnected once again

control ripped away

while the evidence piles up,

castles being built high in the sky for a worthier princess than i

as the actual tumbles over me brick by brick

holding me down, unable to save myself

from my uncontrollable self-inflicted mind-fuck



I felt this. Every word.

{blushes} thank you! xox ❤

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