{October 4, 2014}   Games

all that time,
(but was it really?}
all those dreams,
(but is that really true?)
and it doesn’t even matter,
which is the saddest part of all really,
up and down and cyclical circles,
pawns and kings and one step forward and two steps sideways,
and never a winner to be found,
losers, winners, and you can almost hear that one song from way back when,
when you won even when you lost,
it’s all a just a crapshoot anyway,
you make your move before you read the rules,
and your reward for believing
is everything you ever wanted,
just a breath away,
and out of your reach


mel says:

Out of reach, indeed. Incredible.

Andy says:

Jo, not heard from you for a while. Hope you are okay.

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