{September 6, 2014}   My Torturer

dangle treats before me
and i’m on my knees
begging for attention
as your footprints leave a mark,
i never learn you see,
but you figured that out years ago
back when i still believed
in anything,
once upon a time the stars hung low,
within my reach, even with my eyes closed,
you told me to be fearless
so i followed your lead
till i noticed the cracks in the heavens,
though i brushed it off as circumstance
and tried to carry on,
i noticed one day, the lamp was growing dim,
out of wishes
or just plain used up,
a brand new world where everything is old
and nothing is as it appears,
i fall for the lie and twist it into truth,
misplaced belief because i always look back
in an effort to burn what was,
into my mind,
forgetting all the while,
i am my own torturer


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