{August 16, 2014}   My Non-Adventure

It was a dark and stormy night and- nah, it was a gorgeous sunshiny day that seemed like a dark and stormy night. Only without the dark and without the stormy.
So here’s what happened:
I’ve been looking forward to today for weeks, a lovely Birthday Brunch at a lovely restaurant with an even lovelier friend, a beautiful and talented force of nature named Maryanne who I met right here in the Land Of Pressed Words (if you haven’t read her yet, go, read, but come back here too!)
I don’t get out much these days, I’m still in the midst of an existential crisis because I’m a Mama’s Girl and still haven’t been able to find much to help pull me out of the slump brought on by losing her. I know, I have to pull myself out of my own slump but it’s a long way up and I’m getting closer.
So I was extremely excited to take a nice drive to Avon-By-The-Sea for brunch with Maryanne and a few of her friends.
I woke up smiling, had my mandatory three cups of tea, looking forward to the drive south and a lovely afternoon.
As I started my car and pulled away I noticed the gorgeous white puffy clouds floating slow through the bluest sky and the temperature was perfect, no humidity, just warm sunshine and a beautiful day.
I’ve never been to Avon-By-The-Sea before but know the general area, to be on the safe side I programed the address of the restaurant, “Seed To Sprout”, into my GPS, filled up my gas tank and went on my merry little way. Happy.
I left early enough to give myself plenty of time since it’s a Saturday.
Apparently 4am may have been a better time to leave.
What usually takes me 15 minutes took me 50 minutes.
And in the words of Alice Cooper, I still had a long way to go.
The Garden State Parkway was instead The Garden State Parking Lot. Another 40 minutes go by and I get to give the lady in the booth $1.50 for the pleasure of moving 5 feet forward. Everywhere I look I’m surrounded by cars, mostly SUV’s because otherwise my low to the ground car would’ve allowed me to see further.
Decision time.
The Parkway isn’t moving. At all.
I try Route 9. Go ahead, laugh. Another parking lot only this time I can see for miles. And it’s just like the Parkway.
I know! Route 18! Only not so much.
I’m on the road, because I certainly wouldn’t call that driving, and I still have over 40 miles to go. In 10 minutes.
10 damn minutes and I’m nowhere near the town, never mind the restaurant.
I did something I did not in any way shape or form want to do; I called Maryanne.
Did I mention she’s an Angel?
I wanted to give her an update, I knew I’d be lucky if I got there by 1:00 and I didn’t want to show up without warning more than an hour late.
In the most angelic, understanding, warm voice I’ve ever heard, she said, amongst other calming things, “turn around”. And she spoke in such a way that I knew it was ok. I mean sure, it sucked. I wanted to be there so badly, I looked forward to this for weeks. I had birthday presents! This wonderful woman I admired, this ball of energy who gives new meaning to the idea of believing in yourself and getting things done was the last person I wanted to let down.
But I knew she was right.
I’m Irish and stubborn and wished I had Lola, Agent Coulson’s car in Agents of Shield because Lola can fly. Or one of those big trucks with the wheels that are bigger than I am tall so I could just roll over all the cars in my path and, uh, no, maybe that’s not such a good idea.
Anyway, common sense prevailed, Maryanne soothed me and left me in an unfamiliar state, not guilty.
Because I always am.
So turn around I did, as much as I didn’t want to. We made plans to make plans and all will be well.
Things happen for a reason, maybe there’s a reason I wasn’t meant to be there today. Maybe it was something as small as being home with my husband, his very close Aunt passed away this morning. He told me to go see Maryanne, he knew how much I wanted to go and said there’s nothing I could do about it anyway so I should go have a good time.
Even though I did attempt to go, to do something I wanted to do desperately, I’ve decided there’s a reason I wasn’t able to get there. I may never know that reason, but maybe I’m not meant to.
What I do know is this: Maryanne and I are rain-checking this one.
I have presents!
lola2Lola. And Lola can fly.


That really does suck rocks. I hope you and Maryanne get together soon. You know, because… presents!

alienorajt says:

How very stressful for you, Joanne – looks ghastly. But, I sense that you are right: There was a reason why you weren’t meant to be there. And my guess is that it will become clear to you before long what that reason was. Hugs, Ali xxx

Maryanne says:

Aw, Joanne, what a beautiful testimony to friendship. (((HUGS))) … You wonder what the reason is for what happened, well here’s your answer, that we will be friends a very long time and if we can’t make one thing, there will be many more. How’s that? xoxooxoxo Love you! xoxoox

Maryanne says:

Reblogged this on Maryanne Christiano-Mistretta and commented:
I’m so blessed to have a friend that thinks so highly of me.
I love you Joanne!! xoxo

Andy says:

Jo-I’ve been missing for a while. I’ve done a post this very week about how my stupid, sausage sized fingers is causing me to un-follow people. I realised tonight that I hadn’t read anything from you for a while-I did a google search and found yep-I’ve unfollowed you as well. Hope things have been good with you. If you notice that a couple of weeks go by without you getting a like or a comment from me, come looking for me, yeah ? You know I’m not so usually quiet.

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