{August 4, 2014}   Your Guard

don’t let it down,
not even for a breath’s worth,
they’ll slither in and steal bits of you when you look away so
keep your eyes open
don’t go to sleep,
gather the branches,
shrubbery, dead leaves,
anything nearby and cover,
all you were, all your used-to-be’s,
all you ever held dear,
keep it on ice, every bruise
both visible and hidden,
and cover,
all your sundries and sunshine memories,
they don’t live here anymore
there is no room for your make-believes
not even room for your half-imagined,
now it’s only you,
when you look around the room is empty
so don’t let it down,
keep your guard coated heavy on your skin and smile for the people,
it won’t be long before the wind whisks your name away,
concrete and forgotten,
while only your guard


alienorajt says:

Excellent post, Joanne. I often get the Tower and the Fool in readings, along with the Wounded King (Hanged Man in conventional decks, I think). Powerful pair of major Arcana, those two. xxx

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