{August 1, 2014}   Fading

it slips by unintentional
every grain of sand another splatter of time
slipping slow bit by bit, drop by drop
into a puddle of blood-tears
but oh, it screams so loud
i cover my ears for self preservation,
hide in a corner, fetal-like
wishing myself invisible
laughing at my silly girl dreams
as i try to remember who pulls my strings,
i lost control of them long ago,
handed them over without a thought, caring not for any potential consequences,
they got tangled in my Rapunzel-locks when i tried to climb down the tower
only to fall face-first into my failures,
somehow my sense of direction has been tampered with
i’m now unsure which path is right,
i’ve spun in circles so many times now i don’t know if i’ll ever make it home again,
little bits of breadcrumbs left behind
all eaten by blackbirds following me, screeching my sins out loud
leading me to my destruction,
every superhero i believed in
left me here alone,
with nothing but a remembrance of hope,
another thing that is fading fast,
like me
disappearing girl4


alienorajt says:

Brilliant, Joanne. Hugs, Ali xxx

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