{July 26, 2014}   Fiction Rally – Part Three

Part 3 of Fiction Rally courtesy of the most wonderful Reclining Gentleman! Read, (catch up on the first 2 parts if you haven’t already),enjoy, and Part 4 will follow soon.

The Reclining Gentleman

At last, the third instalment of this new(ish) Fiction project.

Soon there will be a homepage  and a summary but for now if you want to catch up on the previous two chapters, click here for part one which I wrote and here for Joanne’s part two.

And now, part three…

The hiss of the carriage door’s pneumatics and the glide of the mechanism which slid it open were engineered to be quiet, unobtrusive, as silent as the technology of the day would allow. But to Daniel, standing over Jennifer and carefully reaching for her bag, they were deafening. With a practised calm, he withdrew his hand, stepped away from her seat and as the train conductor walked through the newly opened door, Daniel was casually seated on the opposite side of the carriage, his eyes and his attention on the blackness of the tunnel.

“Tickets please,” the conductor announced…

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