{July 7, 2014}   Weak Week, or, Reasons

My life is a consecutive round after round of ugh.
Not a good old fashioned 18 holes on a real golf course round, you’re more likely to find me on the miniature golf course just putting my way from tourist hole after tourist hole. Which, by the way, I kick ass at mini-golf. But I digress.
Although I have a feeling nothing I just wrote makes any sense, I also have a feeling you kinda know what I mean; I’ve been blech for longer than necessary and it’s got me all out of whack.
Abscessed tooth when my dentist is on vacation?
Driving my Dad to a doctor appointment with above mentioned tooth problem when the “real feel” temperature was 109 degrees?
A combination of antibiotics, excess heat, pain medication, and who-knows-what-else causing me to hurl repeatedly like a 15 year old drinking an entire bottle of some kind of awful alcohol?
Ok so you get the idea, I’ve been having a shitty week which in turn has kept me blog-less and yucky.
Who the hell wants to read about my combination of ick? Not me.
I hate this feeling, when your body betrays you and says “yo bitch, I’M the one in charge here, not you” then proceeds to show you just how in charge you’re not, by spewing once again. And I know a big part of it is the damn antibiotics I’m taking but I kinda have no choice; they are helping me while making me sick at the same time.
The last thing I want to do is write, but the only thing I want to do is write.
I’m neck deep in conundrum-ville which isn’t even a real thing but I’m feeling so yucky I can’t care.
I just wanted to say hey, poke my head up into the World of Pressed Words and give a big old belated All American Happy 4th of July to my American friends, an apology to my British friends for previous traitors in the 17-somethings (can you tell I’ve been watching Almost Royal?) leading to a tiny bit of division amongst us which we crass Americans celebrate with fireworks and burnt meat.
Confession: it’s taken me several days to scrape together these few words. I wish I could say it was writers block that kept me away, that sounds more dramatic and tortured artist-like than stupid sickness but that would be a big fat lie.
So here’s the deal:
Antibiotics? Done.
Pain meds? Done.
Weak week? Done-(ish).
Catching up on my writing? Same as me, a work in progress.
It’s long past time for me to jump back into the pool of words swimming in my brain and get back into the writing groove.
Hopefully, at the least, I’ll remember how to doggie paddle, if not, I’ll just float.


Maryanne says:

“Weak Week” – very clever! I had a few days like that last week (and the week before), though due not to health issues but to nasty people. (Why can’t people just be nice?) Be strong … move ahead! Mercury is out of retrograde now, so life should be better for everyone 🙂

Ah, Mercury is finally out of retrograde but I sure wish (Freddie) Mercury was still here 😉 Love you hon ❤

Andy says:

Welcome back, hope you are soon feeling yourself and at your best again. Pun intended.

See? Even though I’m reading my comments backwards, you always always always make me smile hard xox

Andy says:

Smiling hard is good. Laughing hard is certifiable 🙂

alienorajt says:

Get well soonest, Joanne. Hugs, Ali xxx

Hugs and love my sweet Ali, I’m slowly swimming back to me 😀 love you xox ❤

“Who the hell wants to read about my combination of ick?”

“I’m neck-deep in conundrum-ville…”

Your post may have been sharing frustration, whining a little (we’ve ALL been there) and hoping for more productive times ahead, but you sure said it all with style (like the portions above). Betting you’ll doggie paddle back into things just fine.

thank you Kyle, you’ve made it easier to doggie paddle my way back to myself ❤

sounds like you’re feeling a bit better….. umm, did someone say swim???

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