{June 17, 2014}   Something old, something new…

Yay! Get ready for the new Fiction Rally!

The Reclining Gentleman

I enjoyed running the Fiction Relay last year, I learnt a lot as a writer. It stretched me to follow the plot and characters in directions I would not normally have gone, and because the Relay was written in a linear way, it taught me a lot about continuity too. Going back and making changes was not possible so we had to make sure every fact remained consistent. And I learnt how to develop plot when I had no idea where to go. I would search back and find tiny details from 20 chapters ago and use them as plot drivers. Normally these breadcrumbs can be sprinkled in on a later rewrite but as there was only going to be one draft, we had to find and make breadcrumbs as we went along. If you haven’t read it, the homepage of the Relay is here where you will find links…

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