Pete is awesome. It’s an honor to share Pete’s writing process with you, so take it away Pete!

Pete Armetta

I was asked by childhood friend, writer Joanne Best, to participate in The Writing Process Blog Tour. Please take a look at her wonderful and energetic writing:   Joanne Best

The Writing Process:

1.) What are you working on?

Along with writing poetry and essays regularly, my main priority is my short fiction collection. It’s called Fairview.  This year I submitted ten stories (10,000 words) in a preview manuscript to a publisher and he verbally said “yes” they want to do a book with me. And want 30,000 words. I now have the 30,000 (I compiled it from previously published and new work). I haven’t submitted the finished manuscript to him yet as I’m waiting for more particulars plus I’m not committed.  I haven’t submitted Fairview to anyone else yet (due diligence) and first need to do that. That’s work. And fees. And waiting.  So I’m quite driven editing and reordering and improving…

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