{May 7, 2014}   Entertain Them

It’s always loud.
Laughing talking drinking arguing bodies pressed against each other humming electric.
Sometimes they’re waiting for me.
Of course I’m not stupid enough to believe it’s just me, it’s the whole band. And it doesn’t make it easier knowing that more than half the crowd consists of far better musicians than myself.
It can be petrifying, nothing but me and a mic-stand on a stage surrounded by real musicians.
As I peek out from backstage I flash back to the day I ran out of the auditions for the high school musical because I was afraid to sing alone in front of my chorus teacher.
I see familiar faces mixed amongst strangers eyes. It’s times like these I’m glad I only wear my glasses when I drive, I figure it’s ok because I only have one bad eye. Don’t tell my eye doctor I said that.
The faces are a blur for the most part but I can tell who’s who, hell, if I squint a little I can see who’s standing at the back door smoking a cigarette outside the exit.
So I try not to squint.
It’s time. There’s no turning back. The me that hates being the center of attention, the shy girl, she’s got no say in the matter.
The me that decided it’s my life? Well I’m me, deal with it or don’t.
She’s the me that slinks onto the stage, stares them all in the eye as I spill my blood.
Here they are now entertain them.
this is my response to the daily prompt, ‘witness protection’ with this description: When you do something scary or stressful — bungee jumping, public speaking, etc. — do you prefer to be surrounded by friends or by strangers? Why? It brought to mind my still-on-hiatus band, and these words…


JMC813 says:

I had the very same emotions, and feelings when I used to play out. Stage fright sucks when you are a musician. Luckily I always had my long ass hair, and sexy ass Stratocaster to hide behind. And you probably have the same reaction I did. Once the adrenaline kicks in and chases the fear out, it is just time to kick ass!!!! So much fun…. I miss it sometimes

ah! a Strat man! although my favorite guitar, if I was held at gunpoint and HAD to pick, would be a Gibson SG cherry wood but that’s my punk roots plus it just looks so cool and nasty sounding 😀 our guitar player is a Strat-man all the way and his guitar playing makes our sound…I miss it too, although I haven’t thrown in the towel completely, it’s really hard to find a bass player and I’m a drum-snob, and my drummer has elbow problems so he plays keys these days with another band (sob) but we try to play when we can just for fun, also, we have a cd to finish sitting in the studio waiting for me to do my final vocal tracks…. and you’re right, once the adrenaline kicks in? It’s on! 😀

JMC813 says:

A strat man for life. I have owned and played many different guitars over the years, and had a Gibson Les Paul that was as close to me (one of the best guitars I ever owned and provided the humbucker sound a strat couldn’t provide) as many of my strats, but I could never betray my Strat roots. I hope you do find a solution to your line-up issues even if the performing days are just for fun. If the material is anything like what I have heard from you on Reverb Nation I am sure it will be awesome. You guys were/are a prolific band. Lots of material. I have to say, your voice/vocal style brings me back to the glory days of the 70’s arena rock era, and the emergence of the female vocalist as a force to be reckoned with. Keep the dream alive Joanne. While I don’t exactly share the punk roots, I can still relate as I was front and center during the birth of thrash metal here in the bay area so I totally understand feeling a PART of something so much bigger than just the music. Keep rocking, rolling, writing and INSPIRING friend. \m/


JMC813 says:

And BTW. If the CD ever gets completed. I WANTS ONE!!!!! .

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