{May 1, 2014}   Willowy Roots

after all this time
i’m still here
planted firmly in the same spot,
stuck in place and mired in mud,
it pulls me down
excruciatingly slow,
and it’s cold, caked on my skin
clogging up my pores
while i just keep on sinking, slow,
it’s the same old story
no matter how much time has passed,
because cycles cycle again and again,
once, i ran and ran like the wind,
headlong and eyes closed
straight into the night,
i never lost my breath till i opened my eyes
and saw myself right where i began,
as everything else flows around me
my willowy roots keep me nearly immovable
AUTHORS NOTE: because I’m a sucker for truth, I wrote this last night over at Typetrigger, where prompts can save a writer’s life… a few tweaks and here it lands… I’m leaving a link because it really can help with writers block and they change the prompts 4 times a day… obviously I’m linking to my page there, because I feel guilty that I haven’t really written there in a yearish…  and, uh, I’m, uh, shy… k,bye.


Thanks for the type trigger tip. I’ll have to check them out

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