{April 17, 2014}   Happy Birthday Mom ~ RIP

It’s no secret I’ve always been a Mama’s girl.
Actually it’s something I’m proud of, because in my version of being a Mama’s girl, it just means that my Mom is my Best Friend.
Only now I have to say was.
Today would have been my Mom’s 85th Birthday. Last year we celebrated her Birthday in the hospital, this year we celebrate it in my heart.
I miss her so much.
But today I just want to say Happy Birthday Mommy, I love you always and I will see you again some day but until then, your blood will continue to flow through my veins, my heart will hold onto your spirit and, as I’ve been told, I will continue to become “more and more like your Mother”, to which I will always reply, “Thank you”.
Mom cutting the cake at her bridal shower; Mom (on the right) with her sister Jeananne
Mom working on a float for a parade
Mom in Branch Brook Park with her youngest sister Judy

Mom, me (on the way to a dance recital), my brother Donald
Mom and Dad
Mom 2nd from the right out on the town
I love you Mom.
happy bday in heaven


Sweet. Great shots! R.I.P. in heaven.

ksbeth says:

wonderful pics and words for a mother you loved so much ) and still love –

alienorajt says:

Lovely and very moving, Joanne – thinking of you. xxx

Maryanne says:

Such a beautiful tribute, Joanne! (((HUGS))) and love. xoox

People always say things like “she’s still with you in your heart” but I know that that is not the same thing as having her with you physically. You can’t call her up and talk to her. I know it is hard especially on special days and holidays. It has been two years since my mom passed on, and I just commented yesterday how much I miss her. Hugs for you

PS – I do talk to my mom a lot and she is still in my heart and I’m sure you do too.

This is sweet and a wonderful tribute. I wish you still had your mom to hug and be her little girl, Joanne! You are a sweetheart and were her pride and joy! xoxo Robin

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