{April 9, 2014}   Hallelujah Moment

those hallelujah moments elude me now,
memories whisper
hazy, a forgotten melody i’m straining to hear
slips out of reach,
the trace of fingers, feather-light across my cheek,
crumbled ashes swept into a corner neglected
as everything dies eventually,
it crosses my mind too often,
the hopelessness,
pointless anticipation inevitably yanked away,
and the wonder,
was it all a dream?
imagined or real the scars cut as deep,
because there is no right or wrong,
some puzzles aren’t meant to be solved
answers don’t always match the hypothetical
but i will burn for my sins, real and imagined,
my sisyphean lot in life,
to throw myself on the fire
in search of another hallelujah moment


JMC813 says:

Awesome Joanne, simply awesome. May I just say….Hallelujah!!!! LOL

Hallelujah back! lol You know, I now have that song stuck in my head 😀
If you haven’t heard it yet, you have to hear Leonard Cohen’s version of Hallelujah, it’s the best of all the versions I’ve heard xox

JMC813 says:

Duly noted. I will check it out. So cool that you are such a gifted writer, but a wealth of musical knowledge as well friend. Have you had a chance to do anything more with bullet train lately? Must be nice having so many creative outlets at your disposal. I often miss my days of playin out in the clubs. Many many moons ago.

JMC813 says:

Spot on with the Leonard Cohen recommendation by the way. I am typically a more up tempo music fan, (Thrash Metal will do that. lol) but this is solid. Bluesy feel and a strong vocal stand out.

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