{April 9, 2014}   Hacked, or, It’s All My Fault

Cyber-raped. Penetrated.
Ugh, I feel so violated.
It started on Friday when I found myself locked out of my own email account. Ok, thought I, just another bout of bad luck so I went thorough the motions and changed my password for the zillionth time.
Only this time, it didn’t end there.
This time, and don’t quote me but, this is my story and I’m sticking to it; this time my router got hacked too. I think. Because when I tried to go online I couldn’t, no way no how nada nothing. Locked out of my own world, or my “whole other life” as my attempts at writing have been called. Allegedly.
There were scans involved, rebooting, me having to do things in the correct order plus over four hours straight on the telephone with tech people I could barely understand because I don’t speak computer-ese.
Long three-day-story short, I got fucked in all the wrong ways and all I got was a lousy case of the blues with no outlet to, umm, let out my whining blues.
It’s kinda creepy, knowing there are people in the world who intentionally intrude into your life for no good reason. I can’t wrap my brain around it, why someone I don’t know goes all evil on me when I’m already in no mood.
Or as Queen Victoria said, we are not amused.
Not much amuses me these days.
But I digress.
My point: hacking bad, writing good.
My other point: now that I’ve been offline not-writing for eleventy two days I’ve become hesitant about writing anything. It’s not really writer’s block because I’ve got plenty of words swirling around this head of mine. It’s more like writer’s detour, or maybe writer’s rest-stop, like I’m sitting idle waiting to rev up my engine but the emergency brake is stuck in the on position so I can’t get moving. All of which keeps me static. Immobile. Nonmoving. Guilty.
After all is said and done, somehow, it’s my fault.
You know, because isn’t everything?


Maryanne says:

Urgh! I totally relate. About four years ago my Yahoo account was hacked and it pained me on so many levels. First, an aunt who was looking for an excuse to dislike me, was putting me down thinking I REALLY WAS stranded in Africa begging friends and relatives for money … then I had soooo many love emails from my husband (then boyfriend) and also some artistic nudes of myself … I was so hurt, violated and embarrassed I deleted EVERYTHING. Hacking is a terrible crime and I think hackers should be jailed — no ifs, ands or buts about it. So sorry this happened to you. (((HUGS)) xo

andy1076 says:

geeez, messing with someone’s email? eh, it happens but router and everything else? seriously :O

alienorajt says:

God, poor you, Joanne: how vile. There are some right fucking weirdos out there, aren’t there? xxx

Andy says:

Karma, Jo. You carry on, don’t let these people change your nature.

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