{March 20, 2014}   Invisible Threads

entwined legs
in case you weren’t sure
wherever i am,
you surround me
interwoven threads of uncommon commonality
that sameness at the core makes it so,
see, no length of miles,
no twisted string tangled in knots in all the wrong places,
not a thing strong enough able to break this tie that binds
because i stretch,
as far as i can then further still,
and you soothe the beasts i carry,
squash them like blood-sucking mosquitos
till i’m whole again,
if i told you that you save me always
perhaps you’d think it’s just another day at the office,
because the best superheroes never tally up their saves,
but in the deepest dark,
when doubt tries to whisper your name,
remember you are embedded in me,
under my skin and branded on my flesh,
invisible strands electric, marking me yours
entwined tree

JMC813 says:

Powerful an touching Joanne. Great write

Thank you, as always, you are too kind (but I kinda love it lol) ♥

awesome, love the string metaphor!

Thank you doll but IOU for inspiring me and helping me learn how to create ♥

A truly powerful “Embrace in Words”… Loved this… 🌷

Thank You more than i can say, it means the world to hear that from You! ♥ xox

This is really beautiful!

Thank you my sweet! ❤ xox

I love seeing your profile pic under my posts…the image always makes me smile:)

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