{March 11, 2014}   Emotional Rollercoaster

i don’t always understand
how this rollercoaster operates,
the up and downs are expected yet
my heart grows heavier with each downward spiral
inevitably i find myself facedown, my heart in my gut
unsure if i’ll ever get up again
although i try to keep my cool
i find it’s safer to freeze,
one solid chunk of ice, never to melt
to not know the fire,
flameless and forgotten
for reasons reasonable yet mystifying
i always let myself fall when i should keep on walking
because i always know the ending, even when i’m not the author,
if i could,
i would write another ever-after,
where towers and castles combine without war
and regret does not exist


Katie says:

Heartbreaking and lovely. I thought and felt these things too. But he never loved me or wanted me around, so why should I stay. But it was fun too. I would not have missed it for the world. I still love him. No regrets.

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