{March 10, 2014}   Fiction Relay – Epilogue

The True End: The Epilogue to The Fiction Relay; I am humbled and honored to have been a part of this incredible story. I’ve never written with other writers before and I couldn’t have written with a better bunch, thank you fellow Relayers,you taught me a helluva lot ❤ Also, fun.
And if you haven't read the adventures of Suzi and company yet, now you can read it all together, from start to finish. Thanks TRG for running this train, it's been a blast xox {waits impatiently to do it again :D} ❤

The Reclining Gentleman

There had been barely a free table since the Grand Opening at 8am, and as the last couple of tables tucked into their desserts, the five staff were exhausted. The chef, all meals for the day now served, wandered through from the kitchen to the bar, his eyes dim and tired. Those that looked a little closer might see there was more than exhaustion to blame. As he shuffled to the coffee machine and poured himself a top up to fuel his cleaning duties, his look seemed vacant, almost as though he wasn’t really there.

The waiter looked up from wiping tables to see a couple waiting to pay. He approached them with a smile, rang their meals into the till. ‘Was everything okay?’ he asked, a genuine enquiry on the first day’s business rather than a routine obligatory question.

‘It was all delicious,’ the man said as he offered…

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