{March 5, 2014}   Muse Retreat

kick ass
She’s gone again.
It wouldn’t be so bad, I mean, I’m used to her leaving me, but this time she didn’t me leave alone. No, wait, I said that wrong.
I mean she left me alone, as in taking everyone with her.
She took them all.
Every single one of my creations are gone. My babies, my pains-in-the-ass, acting-out-on-their-own, never-listen-to-me-anyway wonderful shards of my own warped self have left me high and dry because my Muse is pissed off at me and decided to treat everyone to a tropical vacation in some undisclosed location.
Well, everyone but me.
Look, I get it, winter has been eleventy thousand days of ice and snow and all the fuckery that comes with it but c’mon Muse-O-Mine, just because you’re holed up in some fancy resort with Lizzie and James and Catt and Alison and Ian and Djinn, I mean really! I get why Persephone isn’t here right now but you have Djinn and I’m freezing and have writers block because you’re a flat-leaver!!!
Also, breathe.
It’s my fault she took off, she hates the cold when she feels like it and apparently she feels like it now. And because she’s my Muse everything she does is my fault.
I think.
Well that’s what she told me at least.
I have a theory, I think there’s a Mysterious Muse Retreat somewhere that controls this block associated with writers.
See, we think it’s our fault, we have writers block therefore we are sometimes unable to write, right?
So check it out, maybe our Muses all get together and go on the Super Secret Mysterious Muse Getaway and fuck with us from wherever the hell they are.
Oh, there’s nothing we can do about it. It just is.
Let’s look at it this way, next week we change the clocks, Spring begins, the Sun will shine a little longer each day and we can stop wearing 17 layers of clothes and by the way, we all know how attractive that looks.
The Point: It’s almost here my lovelies, we shall all become immersed in inspiration and type our fingers down to the bone.
In the meantime, Muse O’Mine, could you please get your hot ass back here so I can stir up some mayhem? At the very least, Lizzie and James really need some way overdue sexy time.
Besides, I heard the Muse Rules may be changing and, well, you see, there’s this cute little piece of dynamite going by the name of Blue* who’s been looking for some excitement, not that I want to replace my Muse but you know how it is, one should always have a backup plan.
I learned that from my Muse.
*Blue, as you should know, is from TRG’s Fiction Relay
There’s been a mini-hiatus but fear not dear readers, we’re about to wrap it up and start a new one. Now would be a perfect time to catch up on the story so far, don’tcha think?


Muses toy with us like the Greek Gods toyed with unsuspecting mortals. But, we have a secret weapon – imagination – if a muse deserts you, all you have to do is threaten to replace them with a new muse & they will soon come running back. Writers & muses need each other – like cats need mice..That’s my theory anyways. 🙂

Blue will be back on course soon!

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