{February 23, 2014}   I Belong To You

was that you last night?
(i’m sure it was)
or was it just a dream i dream too often,
(every night i dream of you)
in the middle of the night i conjure the feel of you,
(you’re burned into my soul)
you were here, inside me,
(my heart, my mind, my body, all made for you)
you moved in lock stock and barrel
(where i end and you begin is circular, and we go on endless)
somehow, that’s all i need to get through another day
(each breath i take tastes like you)
just the thought of you, the merest reminder of the way you feel
(your skin on my skin leaves me scorched)
whenever i’m near you, whether up close and personally personal
(i can feel your touch from the other side of the world)
or nothing more than a quick flash of the way your eyes look when those blue beauties lock on my bottom lip
( i tremble at the thought)
before your teeth sink down, your tongue tickles my mouth
(i smile in my sleep, and it takes me over the top)
i know it was you, you see, you are inside me always,
(and you always will be, you see, i belong to you)


Fiery and beautiful!

Thank you so much my dear, you always say the best things to me, I love you anyway but love you even more 😉 ♥♥♥ xox

Katie says:

Scorched within. xo

Oh yes, you know the feeling so well my sweet ♥♥♥ xox

Now that’s the best kind of LOVE!

Ah yes, it surely is Pete, and thank you so much, it means a lot coming from you♥♥♥ xox

A wonderful write…

Thank you so much, it means more than I can say, believe me ♥♥♥ xox

[…] I Belong To You. […]

Thank you for reblogging, you’ve given me a gift and I appreciate it so much! ♥♥♥ xox

mel says:

I adore this. Hope it’s ok if I reblog.

Oh my! Thank you so much! I’m honored you like this but to Reblog makes me feel beyond honored! ♥♥♥ xox

mel says:

It’s an awesome piece. Speaks so clearly. Love it!

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