{February 6, 2014}   Melt Me

release me from this freeze,
merely the sound of your voice guides me,
steers me to the edge and i hover
lightening flash tingles electric,
a steady hum vibrates long and hard,
the hitch of my voice caught in my throat
as i gasp, caught unawares
this sweet distraction,
dances through my mind all day all night
thoughts of you somersault
bouncing off the walls, like me,
these bubble moments drift
in and out
surround me from the outside in
i surrender from the inside out
as you melt me


andy1076 says:

Beautiful..I love your painting going with it, like a landscape yet that of your figure in your heartfelt poem..

Thank you! Although I can’t take credit for the images used; these are images from the internet, when I use my own photos or artwork I write my name by whatever I use though….i enjoy searching for pictures to put with my words that go together, sometimes that takes longer than writing lol πŸ˜€

andy1076 says:

Oh I absolutely understand believe me! never enough photos lol

alienorajt says:

I have nominated you for a plethora of awards, Joanne.

Oh my sweetest!!! I’ve been away so long, what a wonderful thing to find out! Thank you my love….i shall follow up in the morning as it’s after midnight dreams are a’calling… hugs and more hugs xox ❀

alienorajt says:

My total pleasure, Joanne – ENJOY!!! xxx

Maryanne says:

Gorgeous! Sent chills up my spine. This could be your best one yet! xo

Omg thank you! #BowDown lol
seriously the first thing I wrote in weeks, I was shaky legged but pushed on thru…easier than I expected πŸ™‚ xox

JMC813 says:

Love this Joanne. Stunning word craft. Hope you have been as well as can be expected in this Crazy-ass winter we are having. Freezing cold most places, and where I am we are already preparing for a drought cuz it won’t even F-ing RAIN here in California. Sounds like a good problem to have right? Not if they are gonna have to ration water in spring and summer. Grrrrrrrrr sorry I went off the mother nature rant deep end on ya. Be well Joanne and Keep Inspiring.

Thanks so much, I love your comments, they help me learn…and I do take them to heart πŸ˜€
the end of this winter can not come soon enough for me! I love me some snow but this is insane in NJ, it never ends!
well, a few more weeks and it’s over.
I’m hoping my little burst of inspiration sticks around for awhile lol
no worries about the weather , it’s either pissed off at the government or there’s a really big weather machine somewhere messing with us….I’ve been out of the house twice in two weeks. ..whoo hoo!!! πŸ˜€
Be well my friend
oh and I know all about

JMC813 says:

Know all about????

Oops lol I my typing didn’t keep up with my mind. ..:D
I was saying I know all about the craziness of weather extremes and having to plan around problem weather stuff….living thru a hurricane can do that πŸ˜€

JMC813 says:

Yeah I guess it might. What a Horrible mess that was out there. I am so glad you are okay. I heard some pretty unreal stories, and saw some mind blowing images from a friend that grew up there and still lives close by. What a true disaster. And now snow and Ice. I hope things lighten up for you soon, and bring an awesome spring filed with hope and opportunity.

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