{January 25, 2014}   Fiction Relay Part 56

When we last left our gang of seven, they were in a Lowes parking lot surrounded by bloodthirsty coyotes controlled by Sanderson, who has appeared out of the shadows, closer than ever to the one thing he has been after for too many years to count, The Cup. All the pieces are in place, will Sanderson’s plan finally come to fruition?

Raj began to growl low at the unexpected sound of Sanderson’s voice.
Melissa tightened her grip on Raj, terrified. The entire group turned toward Sanderson as one, his words echoed around them, as if they were bouncing off mountains, his eyes greedy on the box Ephraim held. The Cup continued to dance in the air, hypnotic as it glittered, calling like a Siren and Sanderson a sailor, mesmerized.
“Yo, Sandy, you’re starting to drool.” Blue couldn’t resist, she was itching to punch the son of a bitch.
Spence grabbed her hand as Meaghan nearly stopped breathing at her daughter’s bravado.
*Samantha, not now!* Meaghan thought at Blue.
Drawing his eyes slowly from The Cup, Sanderson looked at Blue like a disappointed parent.
“You had such potential little girl, sad really, such a waste,” he shook his head as he walked closer to the group.
“Yeah it is kinda sad I have to waste time killing you dead asshole!”
*Chill babe* Spencer’s fingers tightened around Blue’s hand. *Try not to rile up the crazy man keeping the hungry coyotes at bay, ok doll?*
*Don’t call me doll and stop trying to take the fun parts away* Blue squeezed his hand back for reassurance that she’d behave. For the moment.
“I have to keep reminding myself that you’re just a child,” Sanderson spoke to Blue but kept his gaze on The Cup, “but you will do what I say, when I say. Those two may have provided your DNA,” he waved his hand carelessly at Meaghan and Sam, ” but I made you what you are.”
Sam lunged at Sanderson but Sanderson was faster, throwing up a hand before Sam reached him, emitting an electric blue pulse that threw Sam back a good ten feet.
Blue winced as she heard her Father’s head crack against the concrete ground of the parking lot. She also intentionally ignored the fact that she’d just thought of Sam as her Father.
Meaghan was torn between checking on the man she loved or staying nearer their daughter. Thankfully Sam jumped to his feet, more embarrassed than injured.
Thousands of vicious coyotes smelled fresh blood. They began to moan as one, whining for their Master to let them go, let them at the source of the scent driving them to instinctively push forward, the fence ready to give under their collective pressure.
“Silence,” Sanderson commanded the coyotes and they quieted down, as if he’d thrown a switch.
All but one. Raj continued to growl at Sanderson.
“You always were one to talk back Khalid, ”  Sanderson’s voice could almost be called affectionate. Almost.
“No one will stop me from fulfilling my destiny. The Cup is meant to be mine and she”, he pointed dramatically at Blue. “She will get it for me.”
“She” ain’t helping you with shit,” Blue spit back, trying and failing to keep her temper in check.
“That is your only purpose in life little one, and you don’t even understand what an honor I’ve bestowed upon you. The Cup….”, Sanderson’s voice trailed off, reverently.
He stiffened up, looking each one of them in the face.
“Not one of you realize the power The Cup holds. And it’s mine. I have waited years, decades, centuries to get what belongs to me. I will drink from The Cup and have all the power of the First Man. I will delight in destroying each and every star in the heavens and putting them back, one by one, the way I want, no one will stop me and I will rule not only this world, but the three other worlds below, as well as the endless skies above.”
“Dude, how come you’re talking like some kid trying out for a high school play, all dramatic and stuff? Never mind. Don’t care. What I do care about though, is kicking your ass. And these people here. Well, most of them.”
*Oh Spence, stop yelling at me, I’m kidding. Mostly. Now shut up, I love you.*
Spencer had to bite down on his cheek to keep from laughing. His Blue was amazing, he thought with wonder.
*You too babe* she let him know she heard him and sent him an image showing him what she had planned for him after they got through this. He immediately handed over the reins to his girl, she knew what she was doing. She always had a plan, and if she didn’t? Well if she didn’t have a plan she’d make believe she had a plan and improvise. Hadn’t failed yet.
“You can be a part of it still, feisty as you are, you amuse me, my little creation,” Sanderson continued, ignoring Blue’s outburst. “You are the only one who can open the box for me, and that is only the beginning of the power I have bestowed upon you. Together we will rebuild the world, my world, with the power of The Cup we will-”
“We?” Blue had had enough. “You’re out of your fucking mind old man!” She stood in front of him, furious, hands planted firmly on her leather-clad hips, as Spence backed her up, his eyes locked on Sanderson waiting for a sign from Blue, who had become the de facto leader of the group.
Raj continued to growl, showing his teeth as he strained against Melissa’s hold. Sam, Meaghan, and Ephraim stepped forward, all of them ready to battle as the shock of Sanderson’s appearance began to wane.
No one noticed Jose standing off to the side, his palm open as he chanted low, eyes raised to the heavens, calling on the power of Anansi.
Tiny web-like strings, barely discernible to the naked eye, quietly began to slither from the black spider Jose held in his hands, spilling onto the pavement. First one, then another, each individual strand glimmering blue, each strand sliding unnoticed and in unison, headed in the direction of Sanderson.


Authors Note: jeez Boss-man, you’ve got me doing actual research! 😀 Ok so in my attempts to reach the bar set by TRG, KC, and all the writers who came before me, I had to read up on the Creation Story re: The First Man, and Anansi, credited in some legends as the god of all stories, as well as the god of all wisdom. And possibly the first Spider-man. Wikipedia told me everything except suggesting Anansi was the first Spider-man; although he was said to be a spider/man, I prefer to think of him as your friendly neighborhood Spider-man.
You know the deal, go here:
for the summary of the story so far, and here:
for the links to each chapter.
We’re almost to the finish line folks, so take it away twin o’mine, KC is up at bat.


Ooooooo the excitement is really building now! This is excellent writing – the battle of wits between Blue and Sanderson is great, especially the cheeky oneliners and putdowns she throws at him.
he is growing into the role of supervilliain nicely and i like the way he still sees her as his soldier.
The interaction between blue and the others is very rich too, this shows how well the characters have become defined as we have learnt to play with them, but they have always stayed consistent within themselves which is not always easy.
oh and “you were always one to talk back Khalid” was genius 😀
Over to you KC for part 57…

Whew! It amazes me the way the characters really have taken on lives of their own, it’s like they take over and we are just the messengers, um, relaying their message 😀
I love Blue so much, well I love all the characters but Blue won’t let me write without including her, she’s very bossy in a good way lol xox

you’re so right, we have become observers and chroniclers as much as writers. The story writes itself. I am really going to miss Blue when we finish, i am tempted for her to be the central character of FR2 but I want it to be a completely new story. That’s not to say there won’t be a FR3 at some point starring Meagan’s baby girl 🙂

KC says:

If you want, Boss (and twinster, of course.)…and if you think you can handle it…;p…I can throw a Blue relay-ish sorta story out there, so as to keep her from sticking her nose (and her formidable presence) into the actual FR2… If not, she’ll keep poking me to put her in things, and I’m just not sure how much willpower I have against those eyes…*eg*

it won’t let me reply to KC in the right place but… although we are reaching the end of this Relay, we have all had a part in building the characters – espec you KC when it comes to Blue. So if anyone wants to use them for whatever purposes – one-off shorts, ongoing series, artwork, whatever – feel free. Sort of like FanFic of our own works, or the comics of Buffy Season 8 onwards. Let them live on in an alternative non-FR universe. Maybe we could even run a (several?) separate FR(s?) for just us 3 as a spin off starring whoever we want to run with. The Meagan/Sam story has a past and a future for example, as does Blue/Spence, Melissa/Raj etc etc. We should all feel free to dip in

tedstrutz says:

Well, the girl with the green page… I remember you now. I haven’t read a chapter since I think in the low 40’s, and it seems like nothing has changed. The whole gang is still there. I tried to kill off Raj and imprison Spencer earlier, to no avail. I’ve never liked Sam, although I put up with him, and have half a mind to jump back in and kill him off. Blue is the only one worth saving, although Suzi still has a place in my heart.

I enjoyed your chapter, Joanne.

if you havent read since the early 40s Ted then you’ve missed a fair bit… Raj is a coyote now, Jose’s true identity has been revealed, and the reasons behind the childhood experiments have all come to light!
Suzi would miss Sam if he went, and i kind of like him too. If only because he is good fun for Blue to take the piss out of!

I don’t know why I can’t reply where I want to on my own damn page but yeah Ted, what TRG said; I can’t help but love the way Blue stubbornly refuses to ‘forgive him’ but, at least in my mind, she sees how much Suzi loves Sam and is slowly, against her will, beginning to almost tolerate him, but I don’t think she’ll ever lose her snarky attitude toward him… I think there’s so much potential for all the characters, so many more adventures for most of them… and like twin o’mine said 😛 heee, when Blue gets into your blood it’s impossible to forget her, sigh ❤ heee
I'm there for more Blue Adventures any time!!!

I can't reply to my twin KC here right now for no reason I can figure out but squeeeeeeeeee!!!!! We love Blue!!!!! 😀

I think Blue needs her own spinoff series 🙂

Hi Ted!!! So nice to finally meet you! When I first jumped in I had to do a speed-reading thru everything to get up to speed so I’m not sure who wrote what when back when it all started (that sentence actually makes sense in my head :D) This was the first time I ever did anything like this, writing together I mean, I was too unsure of Relay etiquette to kill off someone else’s creation lol, but now that I got my toes wet, 😉
Blue is my absolute favorite and for some reason Melissa and Dead Coyote Raj together make me smile… a twisted smile perhaps, but a smile non the less 😀

Are you the one who killed off Gino??? I’ve been itching to bring him back to life just because, lol, but that was awhile ago and we’re so close to the end… (hint hint TRG who really really really should have the honor IMO :D)

Anyway thanks for commenting, it’s an honor to meet an Original FR 🙂

KC says:

Mrr…sorry it took so long to put this here, believe me it’s been in my head since the night of the day you posted it…I love you. You are my other-brain, I swear it. Well, other than the music, you just got luckier there. ;p This chapter loads up almost all of the ideas I’ve had for mine, and hauls out so many more…I may be a bit overwhelmed! *hugs* It’s seriously coming together, now…I just hope I can control my “not-less-than-a-zillion-words” brain, and keep it down to a readable length. >.< Here's to finding out!

OMG NO SORRIES!!!! oops, didn’t mean to shout haha!!!
I was so hoping you knew that I knew just because you know, other-brains 😉 so many nuggets you planted set off so many me-nuggets and i’m not saying another word until the words “the end” are written 😀
Well except that I love you my twin, it boggles the mind, the squeee-ness of it all, and can’t wait to read your magic 😉 ❤ plus also xox and extra hugs

KC says:

*FDL* I have a new favorite creative curse-word now…”Oh, me-nuggets!” You are seriously the only other person in the universe who could come up with something like that, and not only make -me- understand it, I’d be willing to bet almost any of your zillions of friends-n-fans would get it too. Also, the picture of me planting chicken nuggets in the ground behind the house, right above where I buried Ronald McD so many many years ago, has seared its way into my impressionable young mind like a dogs paw into butter. Oh, and I still intend to write an MLP porn fan-fic with Pinkie Pie calling her partners…ahem…his “squee-ness”. Just so you know. I call dibs. ;p

PS if I’m being too silly, just know it’s all because I’m trying so hard to cheer you up, not at all because I have a brain that works like that and if I don’t let it run in here, it’ll try it out here, and then my mum and pop will look at me funny and believe me when I say it’s not funny, to be looked at funny…especially by my folks. *shivers, nips you square on the schnot-nozzle, and scampers away to hide under the couch*

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