{January 17, 2014}   Pearls In The Rough

the minute i try to hold myself back
i crumble,
i fall,
at the particular sound of you,
tumble from the shiver
till i’m crawling through the rubble,
on my hands and knees, sifting through the sand
my treasures hid and buried deep but you dig,
pull them out one by one,
spill them over me till i’m dripping in jewels
pearls in the rough and me on the floor
’cause diamonds ain’t forever baby,
that was just another marketing ploy
to repopulate the masses,
they didn’t count on that primitive urge
strong enough to divide and conquer
while keeping the cave-fires burning,
when it seems like forever-impossible
i can bend time when nobody’s looking


Seb says:

Goddamn, that’s magnificent! That’s the whole package, right there.

The last 6 lines really stand out for me…love the last line most of all.

When you write about passion and desperate love, I feel every word. It sinks into my conscience. I remember feeling like I would crumple, sink, almost lose myself. Your words are very powerful and beautiful, Joanne!

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