{January 16, 2014}   Superhero Saviors

there’s a little flame burning
it’s right there,
down deep with all my secrets
hidden from the light of day
locked-up invisible,
in the dark of night
you stoke me,
and just like that i turn into a superhero
waiting for the bat-signal-flash in my field of vision,
calling on my special powers,
a birthright handed down in various shades and speeds,
to be used only under certain circumstance,
you call and i fall, that’s a given,
so when nobody’s watching i fly,
follow the beacon lighting up my sky and soar,
doesn’t matter who saves the day in the end
it’s the respite from the dreaded dreary, however fleeting,
pockets of sanity to hold on to
refuge from the everyday battleground apocalypse
where we slip through the shadows
just to save a life


JMC813 says:

This is absolutely awesome Joanne. You rock.

Aw shucks 😀
But seriously, thanks my friend, it means a lot but you already know that 🙂

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