{January 13, 2014}   Lost Again

pick a path
any path
just pick one,
take a step
any step
as long as it’s a step forward,
no more back-peddling
no more excuses full of holes so wide you can fall through them
like thin ice, i fall into the frozen on a daily basis,
lost again, unsure where to turn
unsure who to trust and why,
why i ended up here once more is complicated,
an unsolved mathematical equation
but i never was very good at math so i lost my way
i’ve been waiting for a savior,
someone to toss me a line,
a word or two can feed me for days
instead i find myself hungry
starved for even just a pat on the head,
when i think you forgot me, i forget myself,
everything freezes and my mind goes blank,
i have a feeling in my gut that i need to dig myself out of this one


Maryanne says:

Oh wow, I’m working on a fiction book, this poem might be perfect for! I’d be honored to credit you if you let me use it, though this is a back burner project that might not manifest til 2016.

Oh my! You’d be honored??? I would be the honored one my sweet! Have at it! You are just too awesome ♥♥♥ xox

Maryanne says:

YAY!!! I’ll copy and put on file, when it gets close to release date in 2016, I will let you know. It’s a fiction book based in the 1980s … a dark story, unlike my happy memoir, so something different.

Ooooh! We love dark♥

bejamin4 says:

“a word or two can feed me for days”: great line.

Wow, thank you! It’s true too 🙂 I love words and I can just eat them up 😀

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