{January 11, 2014}   Constant Connection

film noirfilm

we avoided each other intentional,
sticking to opposite corners, stranger-like,
but only on the outside because the show must go on,
Oscar worthy performance if i do say so myself,
everything filtered through a film noir lens,
slipping through the shadows,
cigarette haze offering momentary respite
mixed with a sizzle electric,
but just enough to tickle,
enough to jog those memories, the ones that make my eyes pop,
i noticed time froze for mere seconds, the wail of a saxophone cradled us,
the meeting of the blue always brings on the crash of recollection
anticipation swirls through our blood, knowing,
if we could
finally we hear the sound of a crack and that’s a wrap,
back to separate corners where we edit the everyday,
capture that perfect shot on film,
proof that it isn’t all a dream,
we fell into each other accidentally,
the timing was slightly off
but we can manipulate time,
can’t you hear it?
it’s the sound of the last few grains of sand falling through the hourglass,
they fall in slow motion,
everything around us black and white,
except the sizzle between us,
a constant connection, on fire


Nice visual and form.

Wonderful and poetic!

Maryanne says:

My favorite of all your work!

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