{December 28, 2013}   I’m Singing Again

bbtrainI’m the girl

Well here it is, after two years of not playing, tonight my band Bullet Train will be playing at The Dogs Of War Benefit.
Stage fright? Nope.
Nervous? Kinda.
Excited? Definitely!
As I said in my previous post, all money raised is going to a family affected by cancer.
btrrainme singing

Wish me luck my friends, it’s been awhile since I’ve been onstage but I know the Spirit of the Season and my Guardian Angels will be right there with me.
I wish each and every one of you could be there with me tonight but Sayreville New Jersey is a long way from where most of you live so I shall carry you all in my heart and if you don’t mind, I’ll be getting strength from you as I sing my heart out in the name of love and charity.
btraindowwme singing at a previous Dogs Of War
Anyone interested in attending can see my previous post where all the details are because I can’t get the link to work


JMC813 says:

Being the music junkie that I am, after getting your last comment response, I had to try and track down Bullet Train. Found you on reverb nation, and sampled a few tracks. Music Stalkerish? NOPE (at least I hope not. lol). Just an amateur musician/guitarist with a very greedy need for hearing new stuff. Let me say that you sound like a fun band. Anyway, my musician’s heart will be onstage with you and also rocking out for a good cause. Best of luck to you and Bullet Train tonight Joanne. Rawk n Roll.


You are amazing!!! ♥♥♥ plus extra hugs!

JMC813 says:

Right back atcha. XOXO

alienorajt says:

Brilliant. Delighted to hear, Joanne – and best of luck! Sock it to ’em, girl! xxx

I’ll be thinking of you xox

Awesome! :)) Good Luck! 🙂 Rock On! 😀

Thank you, it’s gonna be a roller coaster of fun and I’ll be rocking my little heart out 😀

Andy says:

Best of luck, though I know you won’t need it.x

Congrats and good luck! I hope you plan on posting video for all of us!

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