{December 15, 2013}   I Miss You

i miss you
can’t say it any plainer than that,
i just miss you,
oh sure, if i wanted, i could think of pretty words
sensual, erotic, sexual innuendo,
you know, the kind of words that make my heart beat faster,
the melting begins when i try to hide meaning
between words that only you can understand fully,
little secret things we say with double meanings
maybe a little intrigue thrown in just for fun,
but no matter what i say, it all comes down to this,
i miss you
as always, i miss you,
your voice in my ears slipping back and forth between
the husky, the whisper and the firm blatant,
the way you say my name, the way you call me pet
when i’ve been a very good girl
and when i’ve been naughty
you describe what you have in store for me
it doesn’t take long until i’m sliding off my chair,
a puddle, a result of your wordplay ,
a better wordsmith than i can ever hope to be
yet you brush off my angel wings and remind me how to fly again
so of course i miss you,
sometimes, two days can seem like a lifetime


I wish a sweet girl would write something like this for me someday . . . sigh. Wonderful writing!

awww thank you, although for some reason I find it hard to believe you haven’t been the reason for many a poem written just for you, maybe there’s many a sweet girl waiting for your notice that you aren’t aware of; that, my friend, is what I choose to believe ❤

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