{December 14, 2013}   Feels Like Christmas ~ My Lyrics

AUTHORS NOTE: this is a very pretty Christmas song i wrote ( she said modestly), it’s not quite finished yet, but just think piano and traditional Christmas music… it’s snowing rather heavily here in my little corner of NJ and i can’t get this almost finished song out of my head (it’s all the fault of some naughty elves over at, Christmas carols stuck in my head on a day I put over 1000 lights on a douglas fir with more waiting and the snow is falling hard, there aren’t a lot of things better than that… i know it’s early but Merry Christmas all my lovelies, i hope you enjoy {intentional public pressure to force me to finish this song} 🙂

the tree’s decorated
let’s drink to good cheer
it’s not complicated
just wish you were here
when i’m with you,
it almost feels like Christmas

the snow’s gently falling
the fire is bright
carolers calling
a sweet silent night
i feel you near
it almost feels like Christmas

it feels like Christmas
when i’m next to you,
you give me hope you help me make it through
it feels like Christmas
when i’m in your arms
’cause your arms feel like home and there’s no place that i’d rather be
at Christmas
christmas love
tbc….or else i’m gonna put my own self in the corner


JMC813 says:

Awesome. Thanks to you it is starting to feel like Christmas. lol
This has the signs of being one of those Carols that get stuck in your head for weeks before and AFTER the actual Holiday.
Can you say ROYALTIES??????
Happy Holidays, and Merry Christmas to you.


Hee, royalties are just what I have in mind, oh and Christmas too of course 😀

JMC813 says:

Royalties would make it a lot easier to spread that Christmas cheer. I mean we gotta have priorities right? Just kidding. Family and friends come first. but those royalties are like music to my ears. Christmas music to be exact!!! LOL. Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years Friend.
Keep Inspiring


Nice! You should post a little audio file for us to listen to!

I really should, we’ve been recording it in the studio but maybe I can post a rough mix just to get the feel of the melody. (One of those things I have to talk myself into :-D)

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