{December 12, 2013}   Inclement Weather

inclement weather and you
go together
the crunch of the snow as you approach me,
the beat of the rain on the rooftop
especially when you ravish me
or was that just a dream?
it seems like that sometimes,
don’t you think?
though even a steamy summer slip-away
brings you out of hiding, same as me,
i don’t think i mentioned this,
but i always steal a little bit of the magical scent you leave in your wake,
i stuff it in my pocket and pour it in a jar
and save it for a rainy day,
when i pop the cork and breathe our essence,
culled from those brief rarities
that’s when the world goes away and we disappear from sight
to a place no puppet-master can reach,
where you can catch me when i fall,
see, I’ve been falling a lot lately,
due to inclement weather i suppose,
you come along with it,
and i melt,
so please, let it snow


Lovely, Joanie. 🙂

Thank you my sweet xox 🙂

And let it snow and let it snow. 🙂

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