{December 8, 2013}   Wilted

wilted flower
did you see me there,
wilted in the corner, fading into the wall
screaming soundlessly as the band played on,
or was it the familiar scent of hopelessness,
the musky smell of defeat we shared,
that odor only a sense of misplaced duty emits
unrewarded years stacked up behind us
nipping at our heels with promises
of more of the same,
at least until the hourglass runs out of sand,
maybe it was the defiant spark shining through the blue
invisible to most,
but you have the gift and like attracts like,
or so i’ve heard,
i can still feel the press of your arm against mine,
innocent enough but we scorched that night,
burned through the layers of leather and self-preservation,
you saw through my shell,
marking me,
lately i seem to be standing a little taller
wilted 2


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