{December 7, 2013}   You Say My Name

in my dreamings
i can hear you
whispering low,
groaning husky,
saying all those things
unsaid between us,
words have meaning, we know this,
so we hide them amongst the chatter,
carefully, with a delicate hand,
an artist’s touch
and oh you touch me so artfully,
you traced a map on my flesh,
leading me to a previously unknown destination,
uncharted waters, some times the inbetween is rougher than expected
but we hold onto that lifeline
float amongst the flotsam and jetsam
enduring the battle scars with surety
an unfamiliar feeling i can almost believe in,
we weave words melodic and study them microscopic
meanings hidden amongst the blatant,
your lullabies lull me to my dreamings
where you penetrate my mind
tossing me this way and that from miles away
i moan in my sleep when you are in my ear
growling those words we keep hidden away
i awake with a smile at the memory
of the way you say my name


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